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From: (David Miller)
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
Subject: Linux-Activists Announcement...
Date: 24 Nov 1994 09:49:50 +0200
Organization: Rutgers University LCSR
Sender: wirzeniu@cc.Helsinki.FI
Approved: (Lars Wirzenius)
Message-ID: <3b1giu$rcq@karhu.Helsinki.FI>
Keywords: mailing lists

      ********* Linux Activists Mailing List Announcement *********

	Hello, my name is David S. Miller, and I like very many other
Linux users got very upset when I saw that was acting
funny and that no one was receiving from the lists. I had noticed it
later than some because me and others on the GCC channel have been
communicating with a huge CC: list ever since the lag from the list
became unbearable.

	Finally I decided to see if I could do something about it. I
have decided that I am going to run the linux-activists list myself. I
have a machine set up with Majordomo and Sendmail running with a
decent connection to the net. Hopefully this transition can be as
smooth as possible.

	If anyone knows a site in Europe with which I can set up some
kind of mail-exploding mechanism please let me know and give me some
pointers as I'd appreciate it.

	Right now, the lists are basically ready to go. Here is the list:

linux-680x0 		Discussions about the port to the Motorola 680x0
linux-admin		Administrating Linux systems
linux-announce		Announcements to the linux community (no postings!)
linux-apps		Talk about Applications under Linux
linux-bbs		Running a BBS under Linux
linux-c-programming	Writing C-programs under Linux
linux-config		Configuration of a Linux System
linux-debian		Talk about the development of the debian
			distribution of Linux
linux-doc		Discussion about the Linux Documentation Proj.
linux-fido		Fido-mail usage under Linux
linux-fsf		Linux and it's assosciation with the Free
			Software Foundation
linux-fsstnd		Development of the Linux Filesystem Standard
linux-ftp		Talk amongst linux-ftp site admins
linux-gcc		Linux gcc and C library development channel
linux-hams		For those using ham-radios and Linux
linux-ibcs2		Development of ibcs2 binary compatability
			under Linux
linux-interviews	Using the Interviews C++ class library under
linux-japanese		Discussion about Japanese extensions to Linux
linux-kernel		Linux Kernel Development
linux-laptop		For those using Linux with Laptops 
linux-linuxbsd		Bsd extensions to Linux
linux-linuxnews		Lars Wirzenius's linuxnews weekly postings
linux-linuxss		Mach Single Server port of Linux
linux-localbus		Users of Linux with a localbus motherboard
linux-lugnuts		People starting (wanting to start) a local
			Linux user group
linux-mca		Using Linux on a MCA arch. based machine
linux-mgr		The MGR windowing-system port to Linux
linux-msdos		Msdos emulation under Linux (ie. dosemu)
linux-net		Kernel level networking development
linux-new-lists		Announcements of new linux-* lists by me :-)
linux-newbie		Where people new to linux seek help from others
linux-normal		General Linux Discussion
linux-nys		Discussion of using the nys-network library
linux-oasg		Linux Trust Organization Discussion
linux-oi		Using the OI toolkit under Linux
linux-pkg		Development of packaging tools for linux
linux-ppp		PPP development under linux
linux-pro		Development of the Linux/PRO distribution
linux-qag		Linux Quality Assurance Group
linux-scsi		Discussion of SCSI device usage/development
linux-serial		Fun with Serial Ports under Linux
linux-seyon		Seyon development/help channel
linux-sound		Sound card hacking in the Linux Kernel
linux-standards		Standards and how they relate to Linux
linux-svgalib		Discussion of the SVGA libs under linux
linux-tape		Using tape drives under Linux
linux-term		Using the Term program/applications
linux-uucp		Using UUCP under Linux
linux-wabi		Windows Emulation (ie. wine) discussion
linux-word		Development/discussion of writing a freely
			available word processor for Linux
linux-x11		Using the X-window System under Linux

To join the lists do the following. Say you want to join the
linux-normal list. To do so send mail to
with your first and only line of the message being:

subscribe linux-normal

Then to post messages to the list send your posting to:

If you would like to know the other features of majordomo send mail to with one line saying "help" and it will
send you back a little help text.

Happy Linux'ing!!

David S. Miller

Send submissions for comp.os.linux.announce to:
PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.