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From: Linux Intl <>
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.announce
Subject: Linux Development Grant Fund update
Date: 9 Jul 1995 15:19:30 +0300
Organization: ?
Approved: (Lars Wirzenius)
Message-ID: <3tohgi$>
Keywords: Linux International, grant fund update, money

1st July 1995    Status report for the Linux Development Grant Fund.

Donations have been received from the following donors:

                     Name                          Amount
               David Putzolu                    US$   20.00
               Paul Barnett                     US$   50.00
               Cees de Groot                    DM   150.00
               J.A.vanderMost                   Fl    50.00
               Edesio Costa e Silva             US$   20.00
               Olaf M. Kolkman                  US$   10.00
               Steve Durbin               UK Pounds   50.00
               KOYAMA Hiroshi                   US$  200.00
               Tom Henderson                    US$   20.00
               Shurflo, Inc.                    US$  400.00
               Bjoern-Bernhard Schad            DM    50.00

Grants have been awarded to:

No applications have been received for the past 3 months.  If any Linux
developers would like assistance in purchasing documentation, manuals,
hardware upgrades, software, etc, please get in touch.  The money in
the fund is here to help you.

On behalf of the Linux community, I would like to extend a very warm
thank-you to those who have donated money to the Development Fund.  The
first results of the Development Fund has allowed Harald Koenig to
incorporate support for the Trio 64 graphics chipset in Xfree86's 3.1.1
X11 servers.

I would also like to thank Shurflo, KOYAMA Hiroshi, Cees de Groot and Steve
Durbin for their very generous contribution to the Fund.  Their generosity
will enable the development of further projects that will benefit the entire
Linux community.

Another special thank-you goes to iiNet Technologies - the Internet provider
for Linux International in Australia - who have kindly paid for all network
charges associated with LI's internet connection.  The value of which has
totalled approximately AUD$400.

Copies of this document can be found at:

Information on the Linux Development Grant Fund is available via:


Accounting details on the Linux Development Grant Fund are appended at the
end of this message.

Thank-you for your time.

Patrick D'Cruze
Treasurer, Linux International

Accounting details for the Linux Development Grant Fund bank account which
is managed by Linux International's Australian branch:

Credits to the account:
                                    (1)          (2)           (3)
    Bank cheques/checks:
        Tom Henderson            US$  20.00    0.7288    AUD$  27.44
        Shurflo, Inc.            US$ 400.00    0.7288    AUD$ 548.85

    Credit card donations:
        David Putzolu            US$  20.00    0.7180    AUD$  27.86
        Paul Barnett             US$  50.00    0.7180    AUD$  69.64
        Cees de Groot            DM  150.00    1.0201    AUD$ 147.04
        J.A.vanderMost           Fl   50.00    1.1379    AUD$  43.94
        Edesio Costa e Silva     US$  20.00    0.7180    AUD$  27.86
        Olaf M. Kolkman          US$  10.00    0.7180    AUD$  13.93
        Steve Durbin       UK Pounds  50.00    0.4532    AUD$ 110.33
        KOYAMA Hiroshi           US$ 200.00    0.7180    AUD$ 278.55
        Bjoern-Bernhard Schad    DM   50.00    1.0201    AUD$  49.01
TOTAL                                                   AUD$ 1344.45

(1) = Original currency for the donation
(2) = Conversion rate (at the time of deposit) for converting the original
      currency into Australian dollars.
(3) = The original currency converted into Australian dollars.

One Australian dollar is equivalent to the amount specified in (2) of the
foreign currency (at the time of deposit).  Hence the amount given in (3) is
	(1) divided by (2) == (3)

Debits to the account:
    Bank charges:
        Check conversion fees                            AUD$    5.00
        Credit card charges (3% of the donations)        AUD$   23.04
TOTAL                                                    AUD$   28.04

                             Statement Summary
    Balance carried forward                          AUD$ 2558.37
    Credits to the account                           AUD$ 1344.45
    Debits from the account                          AUD$   28.04
    Balance in the account                           AUD$ 3874.78

[The balance in the account is roughly equivalent to US$ 2870.00]

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