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From: torva...@cc.Helsinki.FI (Linus Torvalds)
Subject: Re: Linux on dual pentium 90?
Date: 1995/09/14
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In article <436vo0$>,
Regis Will <> wrote:
>does linux support dual processor mother boards
>taking advantage of both processors?
>THis question has probably been beat to death 
>but I have not the resources to currently read
>the faqs on the latest kernels. Thanks.

The standard kernel won't use two processors, but you might want to try
contacting Alan Cox to see if he wants alpha-testers.  He tells me he
runs doom etc on Linux/i386-smp, and I do have a slightly old patch-set
to do that.. 

SMP support will probably be part of the standard kernel in the
not-too-distant future (like a few weeks).  It's currently using the
simple "one large lock" approach, so it's not optimal, but it's probably
good enough for dual-cpu setups.  And as usual, first versions may not
be very stable. 

(SMP will be a compile-time config option, so that people without SMP
machines won't take the performance hit from it on UP machines, in case
people are worried.)