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rom: (Juergen Pfeifer)
Subject: iBCS for 1.3.45
Date: 1995/12/09
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Where can I get a working iBCS module for 1.3.45 ?

Juergen Pfeifer

From: Mike Jagdis <>
Subject: iBCS for 1.3.45
Date: 1995/12/11
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newsgroups: comp.os.linux.development.system

* In message <4aca4i$>, Juergen Pfeifer said:

JP> Where can I get a working iBCS module for 1.3.45 ?

You can't. Since the current development kernel is today 1.3.46 it is likely 
that you will never be able to get a version for 1.3.45 :-).


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