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From: Linus Torvalds <>
Subject: Linux 2.0 really _is_ released..
Date: 1996/06/09
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Ok, I took the plunge, and Linux-2.0 is out there on the normal sites. I even
got the energy to write some inane announcement about it on cola, so it's too
late to chicken out any more. 

The changes from pre2.0.14:

 - Various minor TCP fixes (Eric Schenk), hopefully the "stuck in 
   SYN_SENT" thing is gone, and delayed acks might be a bit more clever. 
 - various debugging messages turned off.. (yes, finally the "socket 
   destroy delayed" message is gone ;-)
 - ISDN fixes
 - Logo included (but it's not in the patch, as it's a binary .gif file)
 - alpha updates for CIA-based machines (those DEC people either have a 
   strange sense of humor, or are totally clueless. I don't know which).
 - arcnet and eexpress driver fixes
 - SCSI should compile without /proc support (not that I've tested: sue 
 - aha152x update
 - initrd root unmount fix

Now I'm going to zonk out for a few days, and then I'll skip the country and
go to Argentina for a while. So while you struggle with the new kernel, you
can feel safe in the thought that I won't care in the least. Because I'm
taking a VACATION!


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