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From: Lars Wirzenius <>
Subject: IMPORTANT: Cease fire! Or: the PC Week/Netscape 3.0 idiocy (xyzzy)
Date: 1996/11/13
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Bill Machrone, vice president of technology for Ziff-Davis
Publishing Co, recently wrote in an article about Linux that
Netscape 3.0 and Java were not yet available for Linux. He was
wrong. Such things happen. Big deal. Even magazines of the
highest quality sometimes print things that are wrong. You
tell them about it, and they print a correction in the next
issue. That's the way professionals handle things.

That's not what some Linux people did, however. Instead, they
flamed him, in private and in public. That's stupid. They urged
others to also send flames to Machrone, which is worse.

Things wouldn't be so bad, but now we have the Internet. The
Internet allows just a few idiots completely ruin the reputation
of Linux.

Please, if you want to advocate Linux, be civil.

Lars Wirzenius, Moderator, comp.os.linux.announce
Bruce Perens, Project Leader, Debian GNU/Linux Distribution
Alan Cox, Linux Networking Project, Linux International Technical Board

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