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From: Ralph Metzler <>
Subject: Win/TV pci and 430FX chipsets
Date: 1997/01/07
Message-ID: <w3brajxfryj.fsf@sun16.thp.Uni-Koeln.DE>#1/1
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organization: Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Cologne, Germany
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I am in the process of writing a driver for the Win/TV pci frame grabber
card by Hauppauge with a Brooktree Bt848.
(Other cards with Bt848 should work too, but the tuner might be different.)
Until now grabbing into a window including clipping (with just a few minor 
problems) works.
But I need to know the bus address of the linear frame buffer of the card.
So, this only works for Matrox Millennium cards, since I have no other one. 
For other cards I am not certain in which PCI meory area the video memory is
in and which is used by X11 ...
If somebody could send me a list like:

vendor_id, device_id, pci_base_address containing the video mem address

for other VGA cards, I could add support for them.
One could also use the DGA extension for this, but I did not get DGA to
work with my card at all. AFAIK it also only returns a pointer to an address
where the video mem is mapped for the user program and not to the real bus

Also, I only got the card to work on a PentiumPro board with 440FX chipset.
On my old Pentium board with 430FX (Triton) the whole machine freezes after 
grabbing only a few lines. (I don't know if it works with the 430HX.)
I already tried to disable streaming and to use high bus latency timer values
(as it is done in the mv1000 driver which seems to have similar problems)
but this did not help.
Since the card works on this board in Windows95 it should be possible
to get this to work under Linux somehow. Help please!

The driver only supports PAL for now. I know what I have to change
for NTSC, but I cannot test it. The NTSC Win/TV versions are not
available in Germany.
And I am not yet desperate enough to use a soldering iron on my card to
change the crystal.
Too bad Hauppauge had to save a few cents by not including two different
crystals for PAL and NTSC on the card. The Bt848 supports two crystals!
I also don't know if the tuner in the NTSC version is programmed in the same
way. Does the NTSC version have a Videotext decoder chip (SAA5246) on board?
If anybody with the NTSC version wants to do some testing, drop me a mail.


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