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From: (Bruce Perens)
Subject: Upcoming BYTE Article on Linux
Date: 1997/02/07
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[ Moderator's note: I agree with Bruce. Ye shall not flame.  --liw ]

BYTE Magazine will carry an article on Linux in its March issue.

It's VERY IMPORTANT that the Linux community _not_ react to any
inaccuracies in this article in the immature and self-destructive
way we reacted to Bill Machrome's editorial on Linux in PC Week some
months ago.

If you don't remember, many misguided souls flamed Machrome via e-mail,
which left him reluctant to ever write about Linux again.

This teaser in Byte's February issue advertising the next month's article
shows they've already made some mistakes:

>	Linux in a Gray Flannel Suit
>	We take an IS manager's view of what Linux can offer --
>	industrial-strength applications, built-in security
>	features, Internet protocol support, and low hardware 
>	requirements -- and what it doesn't: guaranteed technical
>	support, mature development tools, and SMP.

I'm sure just this small quote will make a number of you angry. Don't
flame Byte or the news groups. If you feel the need to flame, flame me
instead at <> . I will condense your flames into a
even-tempered factual response to the article and forward them to

This time, I'd like us to look like adults. When we flamed Machrome,
we came off looking like a bunch of kids. Let's not make the same mistake


	Bruce Perens
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