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From: (Mike Jagdis)
Subject: ibcs-2.0-970212.tar.gz
Date: 1997/02/16
Message-ID: <>#1/1
X-Deja-AN: 219244542

There is a new iBCS release on

This does *NOT* yet work with 2.1 kernels.

There are (at least) three main changes:

1. There was a difference between the way getdents() folded 32 bit
   inode numbers to 16 bits and the way stat() and read() did it.
   This may have caused some or all of the problems with getting
   the name of the current working directory.

2. mknod() now allows creation of directories by punting to mkdir()
   if necessary.

3. open() allows UNIX domain sockets to be opened by automatically
   punting to socket(), connect(). This allows, for instance,
   UnixWare X binaries to connect to the local X server :0 rather
   than having to be forced via TCP by localhost:0 (MAKEDEV.ibcs2
   will create appropriate symlinks in /dev/X/).


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