Status Report, March 27, 1997



Effect Of Apple Re-organization On MkLinux Project

MkLinux DR2.1 Update Status

MkLinux Reference Release Status

Tradeshows and Public Appearances

Status Of Work in Progress

Problems: Known Bugs, Submitting Reports, Etc.


Although we do try to give some estimate of when things will be released/fixed/working/etc., these are still estimates and are subject to change. Unexpected bugs are found, people take vacations, and sometimes priorities have to be readjusted. This can cause delays. As always, we ask for folks to bear with us and be understanding when dates slip.

Effect Of Apple Re-organization On MkLinux Project

In the wake of recent publicity regarding Apple's re-structuring, re-organization, and layoffs, many of you have expressed concerns about the MkLinux project and the MkLinux team. Please rest assured that the project is still in existence, and the team still present and accounted for.

We've just announced the first update to DR2.1 and we're all working on items for inclusion in DR3. We're still here, and so is MkLinux.

MkLinux DR2.1 Update Status

The first DR2.1 MkLinux kernel/server update was released on March 19. Features of the update include:

See the complete announcement of this update for further details.

MkLinux Reference Release Status

Prime Time Freeware (PTF) reports that the MkLinux Reference Release:

MkLinux: Microkernel Linux for the Power Macintosh Rich Morin, Editor; PTF, 1997; ISBN 1-881927-24-1; $50 MSRP

is selling very well. They have shipped 1000 copies per week for the first three weeks and expect to have shipped 4000 copies by the end of March. Although the fulfillment office is still a bit backlogged, they have caught up with all of the pre-publication orders (received through the end of February 1997). The office is now shipping orders received during March, with a 1-2 week latency, and is working on shortening that delay to PTF's normal standard of 1-2 business days.

A second printing has been ordered and will be ready during the second week of April, so PTF does not expect to run out of stock for long, if at all. Very few errors have been reported for the book and none at all for the reference disc. Here are the errata that are known at this time:

PTF asks that any problems with the book and reference disc be reported to "", as reports in email lists and USENET groups are very easy to miss. Please do NOT send MkLinux bugs to PTF (send these to Apple by means of the bug submission form on Please be as detailed and specific as possible when reporting problems!

Tradeshows and Public Appearances

UniForum, San Francisco, CA, USA, March 12 - 14, 1997

The MkLinux team had a small kiosk as part of the Open Group's (aka OSF - The Open Software Foundation) booth at UniForum. It was a rather slow show (UniForum seems to have fewer attendees each year :-(, but we're happy to report that we had one of the busier booths at the show.

While UniForum is largely a *nix show, many of the attendees have Power Macintoshes, or clients (or friends) with Power Macintoshes, and we were well-received. If you were there, thanks for stopping by!

Upcoming Appearances:

Status of Work in Progress

Problems: Known Bugs, Submitting Reports, Etc.

We hope you don't have any problems with MkLinux, but it is, after all, still a Developer Release, and sometimes things don't go smoothly.

Before you submit a bug report, PLEASE first check our known bugs on the MkLinux web pages Also, if you are asking a question (e.g. How do I set up PPP?), or want information about future directions (e.g. Will MkLinux run on my PowerBook?), please do not file a bug report. We have many resources available to answer your questions, including the MkLinux mailing lists, the FAQ, third-party Web pages, etc. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources.

If you have found a new bug, please file a bug report, and be sure to include as much information as possible. Please use our online bug reporting system, located at

When asked for User Authentication, please enter your Bug Reporter Username and Password *exactly* as follows:

   Username:  General_Linux
   Password:  applebugs

If your Web Browser does not support forms, please upgrade your Browser.

If you experience technical difficulties using the online bug reporting form, please send email to describing the problem you experienced. We'll get it solved ASAP. Please do NOT include your bug report in this email.

If you are UNABLE to use the Web (e.g., you have only a uucp Email link), you may send your bug report to Include as much information as possible. Please understand that it may take us a long time to get to your bug, and that WE CANNOT GUARANTEE that bugs submitted in this manner will be addressed in a timely fashion.

Finally, please do NOT send bug reports to or to one of the MkLinux engineers directly. This will only delay the process of getting your bug addressed. (Specific problems with the Web site should be sent to

To ensure that your bug report is entered into our internal data base and addressed, you *must* use the Web form.

When filing a bug report, be sure to includ -

  1. Your real name and Email address! Be SURE to fill in the Contact Information in section 3!
  2. What DR and/or update you are running, and if your command set is the latest DR. Include this under Configuration in Section 2.
  3. In the case of a panic, send as much of the panic message as possible. Simply sending the backtrace number isn't enough.
  4. If you are sending a problem dealing with SCSI, include the system's SCSI configuration - drive models, SCSI ID settings, and location of the devices. (internal, external, kinds of cables used - DB-25, P-connector, Centronics, etc.) Include this under Configuration in Section 2.

We'd appreciate your feedback regarding the new bug reporting system and anything else. Send feedback to

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