VA Research Ships First Dual 300MHz Pentium II Linux Systems

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., September 5, 1997-- VA Research, Inc. has begun shipping Linux workstations based on a dual 300MHz Pentium II configuration. These systems provide additional workstation performance compared to previous CPUs, enabling VA Research system users to tackle even more demanding applications.

The new VArStation YMP 4631C--using two 300MHz Intel Pentium II CPUs--benchmarks about 10% faster than previous Pentium II workstations. Its SPECint_rate_base95 mark of 180 puts it in the class of computers such as Sun's Ultra 2 Creator (3D) Model 2300, Digital's AlphaServer 4000 5/400, and IBM's RISC System/6000 J40. VA Research's sales director Douglas Bone cautioned that "actual performance depends upon applications' ability to utilize a dual-cpu architecture, but the continued evolution of Intel CPU technology makes Linux implementation on Intel-based hardware an increasingly attractive route for high-performance yet low-cost computing."

As the first Linux hardware vendor to ship 300MHz-based systems, VA Research continues its tradition of bringing new technology to market rapidly. "Our clients tend to need cutting edge technology," noted Bone, "hence our continual efforts to bring new systems to customers as quickly as possible."

VA Research, the world's oldest Linux hardware company, has been providing Linux-based workstations since 1993. Teamed with Umax Data Systems since early 1997, VA Research and UDS remain committed to bringing innovative systems to Linux, Macintosh, and Windows users worldwide.