0.1.0: 12/20/96
 * first working version with just a little window in the upper left corner
0.1.0-0.1.5: 12/31/96
 * window moving and resizing
 * clipping
 * Motif version (not yet included)

0.1.6: 01/11/97
 * disable bus concurrency of the 82437FX of the 430FX (Triton I) chipset
   please report if your 430FX still freezes
 * recognize graphics card and choose right PCI base mem 

0.2: 01/14/97
 * NTSC support (untested)
 * S3 (tested) and TSENG (untested) support

0.2.2: 01/21/97
  * switch sound to TV tuner sound
0.2.3: 01/24/97
  * support kernel versions 2.0.x (only tested with 2.0.28)

0.2.4: 01/28/97
  * NTSC bug fixes
    still untested

0.3: 02/12/97
  * changed name to the more card vendor neutral "bttv"  
  * fixed NTSC support (hopefully)
    tested with the playback of a multinorm VCR
  * support for more than 1 Bt848 card at the same time 
    tested with a Miro and Hauppauge on a 430FX (ASUS T55TP4N) board
    interrupts are shared if they are the same
    anybody who wants to try this with 3 or 4 cards?
  * option for remapping the Bt848 I/O memory (of the first card)
    e.g.: insmod bttv remap=0xfb8  
          maps the BT848 I/O memory to 0xfb800000
  * option for specifying the video memory address in case it is not 
    where bttv finds it or the VGA card is not recognized at all.
    e.g.: insmod bttv vidmem=0xf80
          assumes the video memory to be at 0xf8000000
  * started to write support for grabbing into (mlocked) user memory
  * first test release of the Motif version "xtvscreen"

0.3.1: 02/21/97
  * changed bttv.c to work with xtvc by Markus Schroeder
  * new version of xtvscreen
    channel selection (for now German channel numbers, others will follow)
    mode selection 
  * better handling of different sound sources 
    (only Miro and Hauppauge, I don't know how to handle STB cards)
0.3.3: 04/07/97
  * fixed some problems with color (e.g. S-VHS)
  * fixed some lockups due to irq handler
  * improvements in card recognition 
  * automatic tuner recognition for Miro cards   
    (Hauppauge, STB and Intel card tuners have to be set in Makefile)
!!! new official major device number is 81 !!!!

0.3.4: 04/10/97
  * misc. minor fixes

0.4.0: 06/09/97 
  * VBI grabbing support 
    raw vbi-data at /dev/bttv-vbi0
    Videotext/VPS/Videocrypt VBI data decoding in software (binary only):
    "vbidecode < /dev/bttv-vbi0" 
    dumps videotext pages in vtx format in directory VTX (if it exists)
    VPS and videotext data is just dumped to stdout    

  * direct grabbing into user memory
    "grab" grabs a 768x576 24 bit picture into PNM file pic.pnm 

0.4.1: 07/13/97 
  * changed vbibuf to use vmalloced memory 
  * various "stuff"

0.4.2: 09/??/97
  * msp3400c support
  * started to move clipping stuff to driver
  * started support for generic buffers to grab into to make 
    grabbing into memory efficient 
  * grabbing into 3dfx via glide