List:       freebsd-hackers
Subject:    Freenix: The Freely Distributable Software Technical Conference
From:       "Jon 'maddog' Hall, USG Senior Leader" <hall () zk3 ! dec ! com>
Date:       1997-12-04 21:52:36

For those of you who participated in "USELINUX" last year, you know that from
the Linux perspective it was a "success".

However, from the perspective of the *BSD folks, who also do a lot of good
work in the freely distributable operating system space, it was a disaster.  

They felt left out, and some of them felt it was done on purpose, even though
(from my vantage point) it was one of those "oh sh_t" issues.

In any case, the USENIX Board has chartered me to chair what has become
known as the "Freenix" track of the New Orleans USENIX Technical Conference.
I am committed to create a balanced conference, and to that end I have put
together a multi-operating system organizing committee.

The concept of this track is technical excellence, and the goal is the sharing
of technical ideas between the operating systems and applications, so that
all may benefit.

We have been fortunate to have members of the FreeBSD and OpenBSD groups join
us.  At this point both netBSD and the FSF have declined for reasons of their

The call for papers has just been posted, and the timeframe is short.  I would
appreciate it if all of you would:

        o put a pointer to the URL below on the web page for your company
        o send a brief message to any mailing lists you keep for your or


Later on, we will send a URL of the program that has been defined.

Please help us find good presentations, whether they be about freely
distributable operating systems or freely distributable applications.
Thank you.

Jon "maddog" Hall
Digital Equipment Corporation

For the Freenix Committee:

      Alan Cox, CymruNet Ltd.
      Theo De Raadt, The OpenBSD Project
      Chris Farris, Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts
      Greg Hankins, Georgia Institute of Technology
      Jordan Hubbard, The FreeBSD Project
      Poul-Henning Kamp, The FreeBSD Project
      Angelos Keromytis, University of Pennsylvania  
      Dan Shearer, LAN Magazine
      Theodore Ts'o, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
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