StarOffice 4.0


This file contains important program information. Please read these tips through carefully before beginning to work with StarOffice 4.0.

Please note the announcement from Caldera and Star Division at the end of this file.




Note that this version of StarOffice 4.0 is a x86-compatible version, which requires a current LINUX distribution. That means you need at least a LibC - Rel. 5.4.22 or higher!

To install from CDROM proceed as follows:

Login as usual with your user identification and run the "setup" program from the Office40 installation directory on the CDROM. Select the type of installation and an installation directory. You must have write-access to the installation directory.

To install using a tar file proceed as follows:

Login as usual with your user identification and run the "setup" program from the directory Office40_Install created by unpacking the tar file so40_lnx_x86.tar. Select the type of installation and an installation directory. You must have write-access to the installation directory.

For a multi-user installation (Network installation), you must start the setup program with the '/net' parameter. After installation restart the setup (WITHOUT the '/net' parameter) program from the user directory. Only then can you select the Network installation option. Note: A multi-user installation requires the corresponding number of licenses!


Starting StarOffice


StarOffice 4.0 is started by executing the "soffice" script, found in the subdirectory "bin" in the installation directory (e.g., "/home/joe/Office40/bin").

It is advisable to include the StarOffice "bin" directory in your path.


Personalizing StarOffice


To use the mail and news functions in StarOffice, you must enter your name and e-mail address under "Tools/Options/General". In order to get the most out of the provided templates for letters, faxes, etc., you should fill out the user data completely. This information is only for your personal use, and you can specify whether or not the program should utilize it. The dialog for entering your personal data is also displayed during the installation.

Note : Your name and e-mail address are automatically included in the header information of all messages. Of course, if your e-mail address is not specified, you won't be able to send any mail.


Fonts and Printing


If your system does only offer pixel fonts for Arial, Helvetica, Lucida, Times and Times New Roman, display problems may occur when using large font sizes. To avoid these problems you can  try to get these fonts as vector fonts. If StarOffice does not find the fonts mentioned above they will be replaced with vector fonts.

StarOffice supports PostScript printers. To configure the printer, edit the file Xpdefaults in the StarOffice subdirectory xp3 according to the instructions given in that file.

Normally the fonts Helvetica, Times, Courier and Symbol are installed as printer fonts by the system. If you face problems when printing with other fonts, it may be necessary to install the mentioned printer fonts.

If you do not have access to a PostScript printer, we recommend using common PostScript converting software that enables you to print PostScript files on a variety of printers.

Furthermore, using enhanced printing functionality on older printer drivers might lead to problems.


Problems with the X-server Installation


An error message like

"SalFontStruct::Load !XLoadQueryFont()"

means that a font, that should exist on the X-server, could not be loaded. This might be a memory problem, but more likely the font has not been installed or is not installed anymore. This can be verified with the commands xlsfonts, xfontsel and xfd.

Any other error messages may be caused by a lack of memory of the X-server. Should those errors occur together with other errors in StarOffice even after rebooting the system, please use the available support options.




Via the Internet, you can visit the Star Division homepage and access current FAQ lists, the support information database, and our own Star Division news server. In the newsgroups, our support technicians provide advice and support free of charge.

For more detailed information about current support services, visit our Internet server or refer to the Online Help in StarOffice.

Star Division Internet Server : http://www.stardivision.com

Note : Never disclose your customer ID or registration number in public newsgroups. NO Star Division employee will ever ask you to publicly reveal personal data.

We hope you enjoy working with your new StarOffice!

January 1998

Your Star Division Team


Announcement from Caldera and Star Division


1.  Was it ever Star Division's intent to make StarOffice available under the GPL or similar License?

No.  It was never Star Division's intent to make StarOffice available under the GPL or similar code.  Star Division does recognize the value of GPL in the Linux community.  However, at this point in the product life cycle it is not beneficial to move to a GPL model.                 

2.  Why did Star Division change its policy regarding code availability?

Star Division's interest in a Linux product came out of an initiative created by Star Division development.  The Linux product initially released as a downloadable BETA COPY ONLY.  Subsequent beta releases did follow.  However, no official statement was ever made by Star Division that the product code would be available via GPL or for free. Because Star Division recognizes the value of the Linux development community, beta versions of StarOffice will still be available throughout the development of StarOffice 4.0.  Finally, a complete, NON-COMMERCIAL product will be made available FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY through both Caldera (via internet download and CD rom distribution) and Star Division (via internet download only).  Permission to redistribute the non-commercial license must be obtained from Caldera (see question #6).

3.  Without a key partner, was Star Division going to release a commercial version of Star Office?

No.  Star Division had no plans to release a fully commercial quality version of StarOffice nor to continue beta development until a viable business partner emerged to help market, manufacture and distribute StarOffice to the Linux marketplace.  That partner was Caldera.  In much the same way Star Division was looking for a partner, Caldera was also looking to partner with a company whose products and strategy strongly integrated  with their own.  Both Star Division and Caldera agree that their  relationship is mutually beneficial to both companies and to the Linux community because it enables world class software to be made available commercially on Linux.

4.  Who is supporting the product?

Both Star Division and Caldera agree that Star Division is better suited to answer support questions regarding the installation and use of StarOffice. OpenLinux support questions are being taken by Caldera. The following procedures have been established to assist in the support of StarOffice for OpenLinux:

  1. Log onto www.stardivision.de and double-click on the INTERNATIONAL  LINK (symbolized by the international flags) on the home page, OR, log directly onto www.stardivision.com.
  2. CLick on the SUPPORT LINK from the International Page.
  3. Click on the QUESTIONS ABOUT STAROFFICE FOR OPENLINUX LINK and follow the support procedures outlined in this readme.  Star Division believes that 95% of all technical support questions on StarOffice can be answered either in the FAQs or the SIS database. The remaining will be answered by following the question posting procedures outlined in the readme.

5.  Are Star Division and Caldera going to provide a 4.0 version on OpenLinux?  If so, then when?

Yes.  The approximate release date of StarOffice 4.0 for OpenLinux is scheduled for 4th Qtr 1997.  Star Division is committed to a cross-platform strategy, therefore, this timing will coincide with the release of the product on other key platforms.

6.  As a reseller of Linux products how can I distribute both the non-commercial and commercial versions of StarOffice?

Because of its efforts to help bring StarOffice to the Linux community, Caldera has been awarded the exclusive distribution rights to StarOffice for OpenLinux (Linux).  Guidelines for re-distributing the StarOffice for OpenLinux (Linux)are as follows:


If you are interested in redistributing the non-commercial version of StarOffice 3.1 or higher for OpenLinux (Linux) please note the following:

  1. Under the current agreement between Star Division and Caldera, the burning of the beta or non-commercial version of StarOffice 3.1 or higher for OpenLinux (Linux) on to a separate or bundled CD produced by a company other than Star Division or Caldera, IS NOT PERMITTED.
  2. Pre-burned CDs of the non-commercial version of StarOffice for OpenLinux (Linux) are available exclusively from Caldera.  These CDs may be bundled with third-party distributor's product offerings. The charge for this will be the cost of manufacturing the CDs plus shipping and handling. No royalty or profits may be charged to the end-user for any release version of StarOffice for OpenLinux (Linux).
  3. If you are interested in redistributing the non-commercial version of StarOffice for OpenLinux (Linux) then contact jefff@caldera.com. Reasonable requests, following these guidelines, will be granted.


  1. You must be a licensed Caldera reseller and member of the Caldera Channel Partner Program in order to distribute the commercial version of StarOffice for OpenLinux (Linux).
  2. For information on becoming a Caldera Channel Partner please contact channel@caldera.com.

IN CONCLUSION, Star Division and Caldera would like to recognize and thank the Linux development community for their role as beta testers in helping to produce StarOffice for OpenLinux.  Both understand that StarOffice for OpenLinux would have been much more difficult to produce without their help. Star Division and Caldera each welcome and request feedback from the Linux community.We then look forward to continued feedback during the beta testing phase of StarOffice 4.0 (due late 3rd Qtr or early 4th Qtr 1997).

Thank You.



1.1 STAR DIVISION grants the customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the use of this License Program (hereinafter referred to as "the SOFTWARE") under the terms of this End User License Agreement. The licensee is entitled to use the SOFTWARE and the accompanying documentation in accordance with the following terms. The licensor is the sole and exclusive owner of the product. The licensee receives no rights other than the rights of use.

1.2 The licensee will avail of and submit the registration facility offered, in order to be registered as authorized licensee and to be informed of updated versions of this SOFTWARE.


The licensee may only use the SOFTWARE on one computer at a time. A physical transfer is possible, but not an electronic transfer or transfer within a network. The licensee may only make one copy for security purposes. The licensee may not modify, convert, reformat or decompile the SOFTWARE and may not assemble works derived from it. In the event of breach of the above undertakings and to the exclusion of any continuation of the offense, the Licensee shall pay STAR DIVISION a contractual penalty of DM 10,000.00 (ten thousand German marks). The right to claim compensation is not excluded hereby. Without prejudice to the contractual penalty and any compensation claim, in the event of breach of the above terms STAR DIVISION shall revoke the right of use granted with no entitlement to reimbursement of the license fee.


The licensee unreservedly acknowledges the rights of STAR DIVISION in the products (patents, copyrights, trademarks, business secrets). This also covers the copyright in documentation which exists in written form or as data stored on computer. The licensee undertakes to protect these rights and to take all steps to restrain and prosecute infringements or breaches of these rights by third parties coming into possession of the product through or via the licensee.


STAR DIVISION may at any time update and/or revise the design and content of its products. Updated or revised products are subject to the terms of this agreement. The licensee is only entitled, on completion of the registration, to updated or revised product versions against payment of the appropriate fee.


5.1 The product is tested and conforms to the program specifications set out in the manuals. STAR DIVISION provides no warranty as to the suitability of the product for the licensee's intended use.

5.2 The licensee must notify obvious defects in the product to its contractual dealer or to STAR DIVISION within eight days of delivery. Hidden defects must be notified immediately following discovery. The licensee shall return the product to the contractual dealer or to STAR DIVISION at no cost.

5.3 The warranty operates by way of the remedying of defects and replacement. The licensor is only entitled to cancellation of contract or reduction where the remedying of defects or replacement is abortive and a grace period of at least 40 days was given to the contractual dealer or to STAR DIVISION. An ongoing warranty is excluded. STAR DIVISION is only liable to the licensee under this license. Ongoing compensation claims made by the licensee are excluded unless they are based on intent or gross negligence. All warranty claims lapse six months after delivery.


If the licensee breaches a term in this Agreement, STAR DIVISION may cancel this Licensing Agreement without notice. Following termination of this agreement, the licensee shall cease to be entitled to use the product.
The licensee must either return to STAR DIVISION the product in its possession at the time of termination of the agreement as well as working and security copies or destroy the same.


7.1 This agreement is governed by the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, with Hamburg being the agreed place of jurisdiction.

7.2 The licensee is not entitled to transfer or assign rights and obligations arising under this agreement.

7.3 Where individual terms in this agreement are ineffective, the validity of the remaining contractual terms shall not be affected hereby. The void or ineffective terms shall be replaced by terms whose economic effect is as close as possible to that of the term being replaced.


For legal disputes concerning this license agreement, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany is valid. The application of UN purchasing rights (CISG) is excluded.