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From: (Samuel Ockman)
Subject: Penguin Computing needs good people...
Date: 1998/05/25
Message-ID: <>#1/1
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Organization: A poorly-installed InterNetNews site

Penguin Computing is looking for people to do consulting and on-site
service and support for computer systems based on Linux.

Penguin Computing will sell Linux workstations, servers, and clusters.  It
will also provide training, consulting, and custom solutions based on

Our West coast office is opening in Mountain View, CA (Silicon Valley) in
mid-June.  Our east coast office in New York City will open in mid-July.
In particular we need people located near these two offices, but Penguin
Computing would like to offer on-site service and support in every major
city in the United States, and internationally.  We plan to open
additional offices in the Cambridge/Boston (Massachusetts area) as well as
a South American office located in either Santiago or Buenos Aries in the
following year.

We are also looking for employees to work in our Mountain View office.  We
will need people in the following fields:
     - Technicians to build and test computers
     - Quality Assurance
     - Sales and Marketing

Penguin Computing is also very interested in offering summer internships
to high school and college students who are interested in Linux and want
to build a company from the ground up.

Please send your resume (text) to or call Sam at
415-722-2851.  If you are attending the Linux Expo in North Carolina, I will
be volunteering at the LINC booth (the Linux International Conference and
Exposition, which will take place in January 1999 in California).

Sam Ockman                    |   Penguin Computing - The Linux Company
(415) 722-2851                |   Workstations - Servers - Clusters   |   Training - Consulting - Programming

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