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From: (Alan Cox)
Subject: 5000 emails later, compressed summary ;)
Date: 1998/06/03
Message-ID: <>#1/1
X-Deja-AN: 359137848
Newsgroups: muc.lists.linux-kernel

I've ditched a lot of mail I was sent that may well have been relevant (sorry
folks). Anything that looked like a patch I have been through.

If you think you sent me something important I've not acked or replied to
please pick a number between 1 and 7 at random then wait that long before
resending 8)

General things:
	2.0.34pre16 is waiting Linus to move it to 2.0.34. Once that is
done I will be releasing 2.0.35pre1. The first things Im fixing there are
the Cyrix problems and hopefully finishing the Alpha merge

	I've dumped everything to do with sound except archiving patches.
The sound in the 2.1.10x kernels is way behind the diffs I've sent Linus
and Im not going to touch sound until they are merged. At the present rate
of merging sound wont be working properly at the time Linus wants 2.2 out.

	There are some new cards out using the BT849 and BT878 chips. The
latest driver Ralph released covers the 849 and people are looking at the
878. It shouldnt be a big problem (in theory 8)) but if you want to be sure
your card will work out of the box check its an 848.

	The SPX/IPX bug fixes have also been in Linus queue for a while so
don't bother sending me reports on them. Also in general Im the wrong person
to send 2.1.x networking reports too. All the layers have their own 
maintainers and I'm trying to get out of this bit. 2.0.x networking bugs
do want to go my way. 

With both video and sound please ensure you apply all the stuff relevant
in Linus inqueue ( before filing
a 2.1.x bug report with me. Hopefully once Linus has recovered from the Expo
the pending and incoming queues will shrink somewhat.


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