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From: (Seth Schoen)
Subject: [ SVLUG Rally Tonight at 11:30PM...Please Come.]
Date: 1998/06/25
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From: Sam Ockman <>
Subject: SVLUG Rally Tonight at 11:30PM...Please Come.
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Tonight Fry's stays open until one am, because at midnight they will start
selling Windows 98 to the world.  We will be excercising our free speech
rights by having a rally in front of the flagship Fry's in Sunnyvale, where
we will pass out Linux CDs (generously donated by S.u.S.E.) for free to
everyone who comes to buy Windows 98.

So, please join us.  It will be fun, and we will hopefully convince quite a
few people to try Linux, and get a lot of good press.

We will meet in the parking lot at Fry's at 11:30 pm. It's at 1077 E. Arques
Ave. in Sunnyvale.  You can get directions at

Please bring a flashlight or two, and if you can please bring piecs of
posterboard, and large markers, so we can make signs. But the most
important thing is just to come so we can have a show of strength.  And
please, bring your friends.

Updates to this message/last minute changes/where people may be meeting for
dinner should anyone arrange that/etc., will be at Please check there
regularly for more information.

 SVLUG Speaker Coordinator
Sam Ockman                    |   Penguin Computing - The Linux Company
(650) 938-7375                |   Linux Workstations, Servers, ISP
(888) 876-9585                |   Open Source Consulting, Training   |

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