Linux Rally at Win98 Release

On the occasion of the launch of Microsoft Windows 98, the SVLUG [ ] arranged a rally/give-away [ ] of Linux [ ] CDs to the shoppers at Fry's (Fry's has no web page!).

I got a call from Ms. J at approximately 9:15 pm. She seemed suprised that I was home. "You're not in Sunnyvale? Go look at Slashdot! [ ]".

I looked [ ]. And then I stuffed some things in a bag, put on my boots, and ran 6 blocks to the bus stop!

Ms. J rode her Bad Motorcycle to the Chili's restaurant at El Camino and Lawrence, where we met up with the Usual Suspects. After a quick meal, we headed off to Fry's. Look at the line in front of CompUSA, right next to the Chilis!

(1) Line in front of CompUSA.

(2) More of the CompUSA line.

(3) The other direction of the CompUSA line.

(4) KFRC (radio) truck at the CompUSA.

Apparently, either smarter people shop at Fry's, or dumber people work at Fry's [ ], because they couldn't manage to get 1/20th of the CompUSA crowd!

(5) Linux crowd forming at Sunnyvale Fry's.

(6) Why pay for Microsoft bugfixes?

(7) Linux crowd still forming.

(8) The Sunnyvale Fry's. There is no line here.

Mr. P and I infiltrated the Fry's HQ, with my handy Belt-Cam and got some pictures of the insides of the store.

(9) (Belt-Cam) Piano-man playing inside Fry's!

(10) (Belt-Cam) Ovens and stoves in Fry's.

(11) (Belt-Cam) Win98-compatable software display. (They were all over! Pretty much all MS stuff.) The box said "Picture it!" so I did... :)

At this point, the head of security started following us closely and saying things like "They're over near operating systems." into his radio. Real subtle. So we split. Maybe I shouldn't have worn the Linux Bigot shirt which I got from the ISD Magazine [ ] EDA tool panel discussion Linux vs. NT [ ] last weekend. :) (As reported here [ ] and here [ ] on Freshmeat.Net ] ].)

(12) The Linux crowd in full effect.

After changing my disguise, I slipped back in to get some better photos.

(13) (Belt-Cam) They had lots of AV stations showing MS propaganda.

(14) (Belt-Cam) Display of Win98. Notice, it's mostly full. Recent purchaser in foreground. Notice "recently hit by brick" look. :)

(15) (Belt-Cam) Closeup of the Win98 display. Mostly full.

(16) (Belt-Cam) Another shot of people busily ignoring the Win98 display.

(17) (Belt-Cam) Win98 promo display.

So after a while, I got bored and went back outside.

(18) Really bad picture of the crowd outside.

(19) Another awful blurry shot.

(20) Banner shot of the crowd.

(21) "Free the Intel 32-bit. USE the SOURCE, Luke! (tux) LINUX"

(22) "Fry's sells Linux"

Uh, oh... Fry's panics and calls the whole Sunnyvale police department to the rescue!

(23) At least 4 cop cars show up.

(24) The SVLUG Fearless Leader returns from his talk with the po-lice.

(25) The cops break up the crows with tear gas and batons! Er, no, but I had to do something to make this picture seem more interesting.

(26) The Linux crows moves off to the sidewalks.

(27) The copmobile speeds off to foil more evildoers.

(28) Not too many cars in the Fry's lot.

(29) This is what demonstrators look like in the dark at 15 mph.

For more pictures, see John Beale's Photos [ ]. (Currently points to a mirror. I guess the MS Stormtroopers took out his server.) ;-)

The event was apparently covered in the Japanese press. I don't know what it says, but here [ ] it is! Thanks, Jon Sergent for this tip. :)

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