What is Alan doing...

Alan Cox

July 31, 1998

I spent today writing a real user space application. Since I now know how most of the weird ioctls for IDE devices work from the fun with IDE drive chasing I wrote most of a nice Gnome IDE hard disk configurator, and here's the obligatory screenshot [ http://roadrunner.swansea.linux.org.uk/idetool.jpg ].

Other item - merging up the first part of the video4linux API changes. Yes everyone's radio and tv programs may well break. No we don't care. Once we have this change done the API will be stable for 2.2. Better by far to get the API right before a stable release than carry the pain later.

Also since we have folks who wrote Windows drivers for some of these chips on the Video4Linux mailing list I have confidence in them catching the big API errors.

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