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From: Arthur Tyde <>
Subject: LOCAL: BALUG (San Francisco) User Group Mtg. Tues 09/15/1998
Date: 1998/08/29
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Sender: Arthur Tyde <>
Organization: Verio Northern California's Usenet News Service
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Hello Everyone!

By Popular Demand...  The Bay Area Linux Users Group is
making some changes.

     o 	Meetings are held every month on the 3rd Tuesday.
	Please spread the word!  (If there are holiday or 
	major Linux event conflicts- changes will be posted
	to the website. (Http://

     o 	Next Meeting is Tuesday September 15th 1998.
	Please rsvp to An excellent
	dinner is being planned- and speakers are being
     o 	Looking for people to volunteer as BALUG
	officers and support people.  We need speakers,
	people to help with the web presence and 
	event organizers.

     o 	Looking for Linux Software Vendors who may
	wish to showcase their products in a  vendor

So, please join us on Tuesday September 15th 1998 for an
outstanding banquet style dinner with subsequent meeting to
be held at the venerable Four Seas Restaurant in the heart of
San Francisco's historic Chinatown.

Four Seas Restaurant
731 Grant Street
San Francisco, California 94108

The Four Seas will host us in the upstairs banquet room,
seating is limited to 300 to please make your reservations
early.  A note to will assure your seat at
this gala event!  As usual, libation is available and with
enough reservations we can get the banquet room bar
opened.  The banquet room is accessed from a staircase at
the rear of the restaurant lounge.  (look for the Linux User
Group sign- it may be in chinese)  Dinner is $10.00 per
person, if you choose not to dine with us, a small donation
to help cover meeting costs is appreciated.  We start
promptly at 7:00 PM, doors open at 6:30.


With enough parking karma you should be able to find 
street parking in the area.  Otherwise we recommend
parking at the city garage located at Kearny and
Commercial- directly across from the Chinatown Holiday
Inn.  Traffic into the city during rush hour has been
unusually heavy.  If you are coming up from the south bay
we recommend 101 to Civic Center (stay on the right), bear
left off the exit and bear left at Market Street.  Then take
Van Ness (N) to Broadway and make a Right.  Go through
the Broadway Tunnel to Columbus, make a Right on
Columbus, go about four blocks and make a Right to
Kearny, Right ON Kearny and a left into the garage just
past commercial.


Network connections will be available through our Ricochet
gateway and we encourage you to bring your friends,
family, notebooks, questions, power strips, network hubs
and appetites.  In addition to being a fun, creative and
knowledgeable group, the dinner alone is easily the best
chow deal in the city.  Speakers, door prizes and other
additional late breaking stuff can be found at  

RSVP and questions to

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Rick Moen is Everywhere
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