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Subject: Compaq's support of Linux
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On Tuesday, September 15th, 1998 in Paris, France at our user event named
"Eureka", and again on October 5th at DECUS in Los Angeles, Compaq Computer
Corporation announced intent to extend their support to the Linux(R) operating
system to include Intel as well as the Alpha platforms.  In addition to
extending this support to another architecture, Compaq is in the process of
putting together a comprehensive program of Linux support.

This support includes, but is not limited to:

        o working with the Linux community to port Linux to new platforms
        o qualification of Linux on both Intel and Alpha platforms
        o providing selected platforms with no license, specifically for Linux
          and other freely available operating systems
        o working with the Linux community and distributions to provide
          world-wide telephone and hardware support
        o porting selected Compaq software products to both Intel and Alpha

In continuing the concept of working with the Linux community, Compaq intends
to extend its Linux support through its extensive channels partner programs.
Compaq feels that this will give the broadest possible selection of products
and solutions to our end customers, with our VARs, OEMs, Distributors and
Resellers working with the customer to match the distribution, the layered
products and third party offerings to that customer's needs.

While it will take a little while for this program to be put into complete
action, there has been a lot of excitement inside Compaq since this decision
was announced by John Rose, Vice President of Compaq, at our European User's
event.  Indeed both Compaq and one of our channel partners, Hallmark, showed
a licenseless AlphaServer 800 machine qualified for the Alpha Linux operating
system at ISPcon in San Jose this month.

Warmest regards,

Jon "maddog" Hall

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