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From: "Andrew T. Veliath" <>
Subject: Creative Labs Encore Dxr2 Driver Help Wanted
Date: 1998/10/21
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Original-Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 21:13:00 -0400
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I put my pre-ALPHA driver code for the Creative Labs Encore Dxr2 card
on my DVD web page:

People who have worked with the vxp524 video PCI bridge, anp82 overlay
DAC and/or the Ziva DS-C chip are needed, since the code is sparse at
best, and in the case of the Ziva is nonexistent (I have no docs at
all on this since C-Cube really doesn't care).

If anyone has more experience working with these chips from more
documented projects, they are especially welcomed.  I'd like to move
the project in to a CVS repository, since I currently have it in CVS
on my local machine.

Currently I can get an overlay popped up in proximity of the the
display window, and writing garbage to it using a Gnome test program
gives me "snow."

I'm hoping that at least having an overlay window pop up will get some
knowledgable people on these chips to help (who would otherwise not
have enough time to do some of the other stuff).  That's about it for


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