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List:       linux-video
Subject:    [video4linux] ATI Petition
From:       Bob Bell <bbell () css ! tayloru ! edu>
Date:       1998-11-06 3:01:37

	By chance, this message happens to be somewhat timely.  Several of
us have been working on putting together a petition to ask ATI to support
their TV Tuners under Linux.  This petition is now ready for some
	The site is accessible at .  If you have an
interest in ATI TV tuners running under Linux, please visit the site and
consider signing the petition.  There are also some survey questions there
that you don't have to answer, but may be helpful as well.
	As a special note, please do not advertise this much for at least
a few days.  We've decided to first announce this site to video4linux to
ensure that the code and hardware behind it will support the load.  We
plan to announce the site on Slashdot in a couple of days.  Thank you for
you patience in biting your lip for a couple of days.
	Once again, that's

     - Bob Bell

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