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From: (Bob)
Subject: Announcing ATI TV Tuner Petition
Date: 1998/11/09
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	I would like to addition the creation of a petition to
encourage ATI to support their television tuner products on Linux.  A
website has been created for the purpose of this petition and is
available on-line at
	You do not necessarily have to own an ATI TV tuner to sign
this petition.  If you have an interest in seeing ATI support Linux,
please see our page.  There are several (optional) poll questions that
you can answer that will help gather more information as well.  For
those with privacy concerns, please see the note at the bottom of the
	Once again, please visit if you have an
interest in seeing ATI TV tuner cards work under Linux.  Thank you.

(I apologize for the somewhat broad posting of this message, but the
success of this petition partly depends on the number of people who
sign it).

          - Bob

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