VA Research Linux Systems first to announce support for 2 GB of RAM under Linux

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., December 08, 1998-- VA Research Inc., the global leader in Linux systems and Linux systems research, is proud to announce the shipment of 2 VARServer 4100 systems (Which feature 4 Intel(r) Pentium(r) II Xeon(tm) processors) with 2 gigabytes of ram on each. This advance was implemented on these VA Research machines by Chief Technical Officer Leonard N. Zubkoff. These first two systems to ship with the advance went out late last week. Formerly, the stable Linux kernel on Intel(r) hardware was restricted to supporting only 1 gigabyte of memory, and this new advance brings Linux to the forefront of Intel(r) platform computing technology.

"We are very pleased to support large memory Linux systems for our customers, and to provide the Linux kernel modifications to the community for anyone else who can benefit from our development efforts.", said the VA Research Chief Technical Officer.

VA Research CEO Larry M. Augustin : "Advances like this show that the Linux platform is up to the task of handling large scientific and corporate data serving needs while remaining the most stable, fast and reliable platform available."

About VA Research:

VA Research Inc. (, First in Linux Systems, is a privately held company which specializes in powerful, reliable, state of the art Linux-based systems. Founded in November, 1993, the Mountain View, Calif. based VA Research has been at the forefront of Linux development and engineering and is the recognized world leader in Linux-based systems.