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Subject: Welcome to nylug-talk 
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 07:52:35 -0800 

Welcome to the nylug-talk mailing list!

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Welcome to the NY-LUG: the New York Linux Users Group.

We are a group of Linux fans and fanatics who realize that open source
dynamics have ushered a new model of software development that has
permanently changed the information industry.

The NY-LUG holds installfests and there are regular meetings every month in
mid-town Manhattan. There are two mailing lists: nylug-announce is low
traffic and carries anouncement information, nylug-talk is a higher traffic
list geared to technical discussions and occasional ranting. The web page

NY-LUTE is a useful calendar of Linux user and technology events covering
the greater New York area:

Subject: [nylug-talk] Hello 
From: Jim Gleason <> 
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 11:01:15 -0800 

Hello to all New Yorkers that use or are thinking of using Linux!

- Jim

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