LinuxBroadway MPEG1 Project H.Q.

Dave Huseby

January 27, 1999

Well, here is the new web page. I hope you like it. I'll be updating everything over the next 4 days. I've been in contact with the original author of the vtaccess portion of the Broadway Driver. He gave me tons of help on understanding how the internal Video Risc Processor stuff works, and he also gave me a makeshift checklist for the things I'll need to port to get the Broadway card working ASAP. So I'll be adding more updates than I have been. I'm just going to post the barebones driver. I had written lots of code but have since learned why it wasn't working. So I stripped the driver down to a blank canvas of sorts and I will be porting over a function at a time from the vtaccess code. You can expect the download page...when I put it be updated almost daily unless I have a test in class the next day which happens about once every 3 weeks. I'm also going to put up all of the emails that have been flying between me and everybody else so that people who are adding code to the driver can see if it has been addressed already. Plus if you send me an email, I'll post it there if it is relevent and I'll probably put up a F.A.Q. sooner or later...enjoy.

January 31, 1999

I put up the download page but I'm going to be changing the menu a bit. I have to upload the driver to the server and when I do you'll all be able to grab it. The official version is 0.0.1 pre-alpha because it really doesn't do anything yet other than detect the card. As soon as I port the initialization routines I'll release it as the first alpha release. That should be some time this coming week. Later.

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