Linux and DVDs

This page is very sparse at the moment, but will hopefully grow in the future. If anyone can get documentation for the C-Cube Ziva DS DVD decoder, please email me. Currently I have parts of the Creative overlay working in software playback mode (non-MPEG mode; i.e. without using the Ziva).


Encrypted DVD Support for Linux

To support playing of encrypted DVD Video streams under Linux, an extension is needed to the Linux CD-ROM interface to support CSS key negotiation and decryption. DVD CSS works in an interesting manner to achieve a secured disc key transfer. First, it uses an asymmetric form of encryption to negotiate a secure channel for which it then transfers the necessary information (which is based on a modified DES algorithm, which is symmetric) to the DVD decoding device so it can decrypt the DVD.

Current Creative Encore Driver Hardware Playback Snapshot [Last update: 11/27/98]

ALPHA driver code. Ziva DSC info sought, and communication with Creative Labs is welcome, including possible NDA (please contact me for further info). Update: 2/4/99: Talking to Creative, cannot discuss more at the moment. When something comes up I will update this page.

Current DVD-ROM ioctls patch [11/27/98]

This patch adds DVD-ROM detection and three DVD-specific ioctls to the header, as well as the implementation of those ioctls for the Linux IDE CD-ROM driver. It is a relatively simple patch, although it may change to improve compatibility with other Unices, or when it actually starts getting used for CSS authentication.

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