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Subject: [nylug-talk] wow we've grown! 
From: Jim Gleason <> 
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:00:42 -0800 

Checked today and happy to learn that we have over 120 people subscribed to
this list.

Anyway, knowing that many of you dabble in a variety of OSes, I'm trying to
find a network consultant who might be interested in a year-long,
non-intense service contract for a client. Here are the specs:

* one HP 3000 server running Novel Groupwise 4.1.1
* 15 total client machines (Win3.1 & 95)
* five HP printers
* two HP fax machines
* Win 3.1 for 10 machines
* one Linux machine (web & mail server) co-located at off-site ISP

Please contact me offlist if this looks like a fit for you.


- Jim Gleason

P.S. Letting you all know that I've got about 300 free DB2 cds for next
Wednesday night's if I could just get some t-shirts...

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