Linuxcare To Provide Comprehensive Global Support Solution For Selected Dell Systems Running Linux

Dell Customers to Receive Coupon for Free Support Incident with Every PowerEdge Server Shipped with Linux

February 26, 1999 -- Linuxcare, Inc., the first company to provide a complete solution for Linux technical support to Fortune 1000 companies-announced today that it will provide comprehensive global support for selected Dell® Precision™ WorkStations, PowerEdge® servers and OptiPlex® business desktop PCs running any variant of the Linux operating system.

"Our customers are showing an interest in deploying workstations, servers and business desktops with the Linux operating system," said Carl Everett, senior vice president and general manager of Dell's Personal Systems Group. "They enjoy the performance and flexibility that Dell systems offer. With today's announcement, customers can have a one-stop-shop for Linux support that can guide them through installation, deployment and maintenance of Linux on Dell workstations, servers and business desktops."

"We're committed to ensuring that each Dell customers' experience with Linux is absolutely positive," said Arthur F. Tyde, CEO of Linuxcare. "Dell's build-to-order model and reputation for high quality are very attractive to customers who are looking to deploy Linux on powerful workstations, servers and business desktops."

Dell will include a free Linuxcare Silver Support Incident Coupon with every PowerEdge server that ships with Linux, starting March 1, 1999. Each coupon can be redeemed for Web or email-based technical support from Linuxcare. The Linuxcare Silver Service Level provides for resolution to, or a report on the customer's problem, within one business day. Linuxcare defines a technical support incident as a single identified customer issue or problem. One call or e-mail may include multiple incidents, and a single incident may require more than one call or e-mail to resolve.

Linuxcare Silver Support is but one of several support options that vary by hours of operation, response time, level of first point of contact, number of authorized customer contacts and more. In all, Linuxcare offers four major support programs-Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum-that are designed to meet the needs of small and large businesses that depend on Linux. The support programs are modular, however, enabling customers to tailor custom support options that fit their unique needs in a way that is strikingly similar to Dell's build-to-order manufacturing. For example, Linuxcare customers can choose support for the Linux distribution that best fits their needs.

"There are several high quality Linux distributions, including Red Hat, Caldera and SuSE," said Linuxcare's Tyde. "Our focus is not on any single Linux distribution. Instead we focus is on making sure the customer has a positive experience with Linux, and that their technical support problems are resolved efficiently and professionally."

"Packaging coupons for Linuxcare support with DellPlus Linux Servers helps answer the 'Who can we call for support?' question that management needs," said Sandra Potter, senior analyst, platforms and services, for Aberdeen Group. "Aberdeen finds that being able to elect service from a specialty-services vendor is an attractive option for enterprises, particularly when mission-critical use of a new technology is being considered."

Linuxcare also announced that it has joined Dell's Direct Effect™ program. Through the Direct Effect program, Linuxcare supports the Linux Operating System on Dell hardware and takes advantage of being listed on Dell's Internet site, which currently generates $14 million in revenue per day.

Linuxcare is in the process of certifying certain configurations of Dell PowerEdge Servers1300 and 2300 and will work with Dell to certify selected configurations of the Dell Precision Workstation 410 and 610, and the OptiPlex GX1 business desktop PC for the Linux Operating System. "Our engineers are extremely impressed by the performance and reliability of the Dell systems," said David Sifry, CTO of Linuxcare.

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Linuxcare, Inc. is the leading provider of Linux services-including technical support, professional services, education, and product certification-for Global 1000 companies. Linuxcare supports all major distributions of Linux on all major platforms, offering a variety of programs including 24x7 enterprise-class telephone support. With funding from Kleiner Perkins and others, Linuxcare is working with numerous major technology companies. The company hosts, the world's leading online technical-support resource for Linux. Founded in 1998, Linuxcare is headquarters in San Francisco, Calif. The company can be reached at 888-LIN-GURU (+1-415-354-4878) and at Japanese information regarding Linuxcare services is now available through