VA Research Obtains Ownership Rights to Popular Domain Name

Website to Become Linux Portal for Open Source Community

San Jose, Calif., LINUX WORLD EXPO (March 1, 1999) -- VA Research Linux Systems (VA), the leading provider of Linux-based hardware, software, service and support solutions, today announced that it has obtained the ownership rights to the Internet domain name, The Mountain View, California-based company secured the rights to the domain name from Mr. Fred von Kempen, a Linux programmer from the Netherlands who has owned rights to the domain name for the last seven years.

VA plans to continuously update and maintain the website and turn the site into a "portal," a gateway to all of the news, information, technical data, and software products that interest the Linux community. The website will be operated by an advisory board comprised of Linux developers and customers.

"VA is honored to be awarded the domain name and to represent the Linux community on the Internet," said Dr. Larry M. Augustin, president and chief executive officer of VA Research Linux Systems. "We plan to develop the site into an informational resource and software repository for the community, developers and enterprise customers who are interested in adopting cost-effective, reliable Linux systems."

"VA has been dedicated to the Linux community since its inception and I believe they will preserve the spirit of open source code innovation as they build the portal," said Fred van Kempen. "VA's motivation for developing best represents the interests of the Linux community and for this reason I awarded the domain name to them."

"VA has an excellent track record of supporting the Linux community with everything from hardware to bandwidth," said Rob Malda, editor of " is pleased to see VA continue this trend by developing into a high quality portal that will be maintained largely by the open source community."

VA is leading the growing migration of computer users from Windows NT, NetWare, and UNIX operating systems to Linux, an award-winning system that offers users greater efficiency and scalability than competing operating systems. Since its inception, the open source-based system has been particularly popular with large research institutions, universities and government agencies because it offers a variety of scientific, engineering and imaging applications. The operating system is also becoming increasingly popular with Fortune 1000 companies, as well as a number of smaller companies, which have realized the potential for significant cost savings and improved system versatility with Linux. According to a recent International Data Corporation study, the market share for Linux jumped from 6.8 to an estimated 17.2 percent of server operating system shipments in the past year.

VA Research Linux Systems is the leading provider of Linux-based hardware, software, service and support solutions. The first and fastest growing Linux systems company in the world, VA is a pioneer in providing high performance workstations and servers to enterprises and is at the forefront of the open source revolution. Based in Mountain View, Calif., the privately held company has been profitable since its formation in 1993 and has gained a reputation for innovation and responsiveness that is making it a leader in full service Linux solutions. For more information contact VA at, (650)LINUX-4U or by sending email to

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