Date:    Tue, 30 Mar 1999 15:20:49 -0500
From:    "Jon 'maddog' Hall, USG Senior Leader" <>
Subject: GNHLUG meeting, April 7th,
         Morse Hall, Room 301 from 7 P.M. to whatever

Paul Lussier will be speaking on "Configuring a personal e-mail environment",
sorting e-mail with the use of procmail.  In addition, Paul will lead a
discussion of other e-mail tailoring techniques and tricks, so we can put
together a good e-mail environment for the novice (and even long-time) Linux

We hope to get some discussion in from the greybeards, so the entire
presentation is not back on Paul.  Paul's goal is to get "the juices" started.

And if no one participates, we just start drinking beer earlier. :-)

Paul first started playing with Unix in college when DEC gave them a bunch of
DEC Station 5000s (one of which is still running as the main Unix server
for the school).  He quickly realized that this was much more fun than the
DOS 3.x/8086 systems in the other lab.  He discovered the internet about 3
years before the web existed.  He is the only person he knows that knew *in*
college that he wanted to be a Unix sysadmin, and have been working towards
being the best admin possible since then.  He is an e-mail and Free/Open Source
software addict.  He loves to hack perl in his non-existent spare time, and
attempts to play with a home network when he is not at work playing with his
real one :)  When he is not playing with computers he is at home attempting to
finish some type of do-it-yourself-project with his wife or trying to find
a good beer somewhere (some of the time with maddog).


Non-Richly-Formatted Directions to Morse Hall:

Proceed to University of New Hampshire, on Rt. 155A in Durham, New Hampshire

Coming in from Route 4 you will be entering the town from the west..
Continue past the tennis courts on the right, over the railroad tracks which
run under the road, and go to the first traffic light.  Turn right.

You will pass a road on your right, but keep going.  Eventually you will see
Morse Hall on your left and an after-hours parking lot (F lot) on your
right.  Park in F lot.  Proceed to Morse Hall, across the street.

On the first floor of Morse Hall you can only get into the building from
opposite sides of the building. One door is on the street side, while the
other faces the rest of campus and has only walking access.  Room 301,
on the third floor (natch).

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