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March 31, 1999

The purpose of this page is to communicate information about the various V4L2 related projects in progress around the world, and bring together the people working on the projects with those who are interested in the work, who are seeking drivers or applications, or who are working on related projects.

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Devices and Drivers
Who Email What
Erik Walthinsen omega@cse.ogi.edu Erik is working on several projects related to V4L2 [ http:/www.cse.ogi.edu/~omega/v4l2/ ], including Bt848 driver, QuickCam driver, RadioTrack driver, vcat program, vctrl program. Erik is also a noted contributor to the V4L2 project.
Gernot Zeigler gz@lysator.liu.se Gernot is managing the Iomega Buz on Linux [ http:/www.lysator.liu.se/~gz/buz/ ] software projects. See his site if you have a Buz and Linux.
Dave Perks dperks@ibm.net Dave created the Iomega Buz drivers, and is now porting them to V4L2. See the link above.
Dave Huseby huseby@u.washington.edu Dave is leading the LinuxBroadway project to create drivers and applications for the Broadway card. He is now porting his driver to the V4L2 API. http://students.washington.edu/huseby/index.html
Jarl Totland & Bo Gøran Kvamme jtotland@eunet.no Jarl and Bo Gøran are working on a Vision Webcam, aka, Creative Webcam II driver. http://home.eunet.no/~jtotland/webcamii.html
Tasnim Ahmed debugger@usa.net Tasnim is going to be working on a Creative Webcam II driver for V4L2. He is seeking assistance or advice from anyone who has any experience writing or working with parallel port devices especially parallel port cameras.
Matthew Pavlovich mpav@purdue.edu Matt is starting a project to develop a V4L2 DVD decoder driver for the upcoming Matrox DVD Video Decoder module for the G100 and G200 graphics cards. http://pulsar.doobie.org/
Octavian Purdila, et al purdila@sundy.cs.pub.ro Octavian is part of the GATOS group and he is working on a V4L2 driver for ATI graphics cards. Also in the GATOS group are Vladimir Dergachev, Oyvind Aabling, Stea Greene, Chris Hardy, Bernardo Cardosso, Christian Lupien. http://www.core.binghamton.edu/~insomnia/gatos
Michael Morrison mike@ringo.reno.nv.us Mike is a software engineer working on standard and HD digital video disk recorders. For V4L2 he is investigating DVD playback support, and is currently seeking information about Sigma Designs Hollywood+ card http://www.sigmadesigns.com/hollywoodplus.html , and/or the C-Cube Ziva MPEG-2 decoder chip http://www.c-cube.com
Vassili Leonov vleo@pcisys.net Vassili is making available for sale an MJPEG video capture card for Linux, with open specifications and GPL drivers. The company is called Linux Media Labs, and the board is the LML33. http://www.pcisys.net/~vleo/linuxvideo.html
Matt Gundry mjgundry@primenet.com Matt is writing drivers for the LML33 for video capture, compression and output. See above.

Applications and Libraries
Who Email What
Michael Schimek m.schimek@netway.at Michael is working on the libv4l2 library. It is not available to the public yet. There will be a link here when it is ready. Michael has contributed many ideas to the V4L2 driver APIs.
Gerd Knorr kraxel@goldbach.in-berlin.de Gerd has ported the famous xawtv TV viewing application [ http:/www.in-berlin.de/User/kraxel/xawtv.html ] to V4L2. He has caught several important bugs in the sample driver.
Eric Fry eric@atu.com.au Eric is working on a non-linear editing (NLE) application called CROW. He has been working on it for quite a while, and it has a lot of capability already. He is seeking people to collaborate on further development. More information and screenshots at http://www.crow.atu.com.au/
Mark Podlipec podlipec@baynetworks.com Mark wrote the XAnim video and animation file player [ http:/xanim.va.pubnix.com/home.html ] software. He is now working on a new player architecture, and considering how to integrate it with the V4L2 library and driver APIs.
Rene Mueller kiwi@the-labs.com Rene is interested in creating a file format for capturing and editing videos on Linux, and getting some basic record, play, and edit tools written. Later some more full-featured tools. http://the-labs.com/VideoLab/
Chris Harshman harshman1@aol.com Chris is interested in writing a non-linear editing (NLE) application for Linux using V4L2, which he is calling Splice. He is seeking assistance. See http://paradigm.uor.edu/~harshman/linux/splice.html
Carlos Carnero carnero@usa.net Carlos is designing a professional video compositing application, codename: matterial. He is seeking help with this project. He intends to target the application initially towards the Matrox DigiSuite boardset.
Daniel Dunbar ddunbar@diads.com Not directly related to V4L2, but Daniel is working on a non-linear editing application called Moxy [ http:/millennium.diads.com/moxy/ ]. (He is also hosting this site for me. Thanks, Daniel.)

If you are working on a V4L2 related project, or considering adding V4L2 support to your project, you should consider getting on the list. It can help you find others willing to contribute to your project, find people interested in your project who would like to test and use it, find people working on related projects who would like to coordinate their efforts with yours.

If you are seeking a V4L2 driver or application port that you do not see here, I can put your request on this page so the other developers can see it.

To get on the list send me ( bill.dirks@rendition.com ) an email with what you would like to say and any links you would like to have here. If you would like to make a change, or if I made a mistake, or if you want to be removed, just email and I will take care of it as soon as possible.

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