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From: (root)
Subject: Support Linux with Linuxcare in San Francisco
Date: 1999/04/14
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Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy

Hello All,

We're looking for some great Linux people to join our technical support staff.
Linuxcare is based in San Francisco, and we're an extremely cool outfit to be
a part of.  If you are interested in the Silicon Valley startup experience 
AND want to support the Open Source movement, please send us your resume
and availability.  Linuxcare is a 7x24 operation, and all shifts have openings.

Contact Renee Harwood, Director of Support Ops. via. email at

Many thanks, Art...

P.S.  BALUG meeting in San Francisco on Tuesday April 20th.  Check out, amazing dinner and meeting in the heart of San
Francisco's Chinatown.
Arthur F. Tyde III, CEO
Linuxcare, Inc.
415-505-6135 tel, 415-701-7457 fax,

Linuxcare. At the center of Linux.

From: (Arthur F. Tyde III - User)
Subject: Linuxcare Openings - Start your Summer with a New Job!
Date: 1999/04/15
Message-ID: <>#1/1
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Organization: DNAI ( Direct Network Access )
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.development.system

Hello All,

Linuxcare is looking for some great talent in the help desk, training,
software development, sales and business development areas to work out
of our offices in San Francisco. (south of Market)  Linuxcare is 4
blocks from Caltrain, Muni & BART stations.  We offer all the excitement
of a hot Silicon Valley startup, Linux in many flavors, ground floor
opportunities, and all the free sugar and caffeine your system can

In the support group Linux experience is necessary.  We favor
individuals with Novell, Cisco, Sun and Microsoft certifications |
experience.  Multilingual capability is a significant plus.  For
training we're looking for people who have experience in writing
courseware and developing content.  Software development needs are all
over the map... Linux experience with device drivers and kernel
development, web, CGI and Perl, all that stuff!  Sales and bizdev people
should have a proven track record.  Web content people should know Linux
well and be able to convey their knowledge in taut, compelling prose.
The following managers can be contacted directly about these positions.

Support and Help Desk,
Education and Training,
Software Development,
Sales and Business Development,
Web Site,

Our mission is to be the primary enabler of the Open Source revolution.
We encourage and fund Open Source projects both externally and
internally.  Benefits include medical, dental, optical, three weeks
vacation, 401K, flexible schedules, a competitive salary package with
stock options and that warm glowing feeling you get when you're doing
the right thing well.

Thanks, Art...
Arthur F. Tyde III, CEO
Linuxcare, Inc.  
415 505-6135 tel, 415 831-9763 fax,

Linuxcare, At the Center of Linux

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