Open Source Developer Andrew Tridgell Named Senior Researcher at Linuxcare, Inc.

Samba Team Leader to Add Support Prowess, Development Expertise

May 13, 1999 -- Linuxcare, Inc., the leader in technical support, consulting, education, and product certification for Linux, announced today that it had named Open Source developer Andrew Tridgell to the position of Senior Researcher, Open Source Development. Tridgell is the original author and current team leader for the Samba software package, which provides a complete replacement for the networking services included in Windows NT, OS/2 Warp, Sun NFS, or Novell NetWare servers.

"Samba is a virtually ubiquitous Open Source application, depended upon by almost every Linuxcare customer," said David Sifry, Linuxcare Chief Technical Officer. "We are extremely pleased that Andrew has agreed to join the Linuxcare team. His appointment will only strengthen the Samba development effort, something we consider absolutely strategic, both for us and the Open Source community at large."

In addition to continuing to serve as Samba team leader, Tridgell's responsibilities at Linuxcare will include educational activities, Open Source application development, and technical support work on Samba, Jitterbug, rsync, and other applications in his areas of expertise. Tridgell will also remain a visiting fellow at Australian National University and will retain his links to the academic community, particularly in the area of high-performance computing.

"By joining Linuxcare, I have a marvelous opportunity to work full-time in the Open Source community from within a company that is committed to Open Source development," Tridgell said. "I believe that the success of the commercial support infrastructure that Linuxcare is developing is vitally important to the future of Linux and Open Source in the enterprise."

About Andrew Tridgell
Prior to joining Linuxcare, Andrew Tridgell held a full-time appointment as a researcher and lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at Australian National University in Canberra. His research interests include speech recognition, hidden Markov models, recurrent neural networks, parallel sorting and searching, parallel file systems, parallel operating systems, kernel threads, signals and networking. His "spare time," he has written, "is spent working on various bits of free software."

About Samba
Samba provides seamless Unix file and print services to Windows and other desktops running the SMB (NetBIOS) network protocol. Benchmark tests conducted by the trade press have shown Samba to consistently outperform Microsoft Windows NT and Novell NetWare in providing core network services to Windows clients. More information on Samba is available at

About Linuxcare, Inc.
Linuxcare, Inc. is the leading provider of Linux services-including technical support, professional services, education, and product certification-for Global 1000 companies. Linuxcare supports all major distributions of Linux on all major platforms, offering a variety of programs including 24x7 enterprise-class telephone support. With funding from Kleiner Perkins and others, Linuxcare is working with numerous major technology companies. The company hosts, the world's leading online technical-support resource for Linux. Founded in 1998, Linuxcare is headquarters in San Francisco, Calif. The company can be reached at 888-LIN-GURU (+1-415-354-4878) and at Japanese information regarding Linuxcare services is now available through