Penguin Computing Announces the Industry’s First and Only Intel-based, 1U Rackmount for Linux, the Penguin 100

San Francisco, May 26, 1999 – Penguin Computing, the world’s leading manufacturer of reliable Linux systems, announced today the introduction of the industry's first and only Intel-based 1U rackmount for Linux, the Penguin 100. This powerful machine, which is less than two inches tall, is believed to be the world's smallest Intel-based rackmount Linux system.

The computer is equally suited to act as a stand-alone server or as part of a network cluster. This makes it the ideal solution for serving the needs of both Internet service providers and companies engaged in e-commerce.

"We saw a definite need for these systems,” says Sam Ockman, President and CEO of Penguin Computing. “ISPs in particular will find them very attractive. Co-location facilities will be able to use them to provide individual web-servers for each site they host. These rackmounts are sleek, compact and energy efficient, but still extremely powerful."

The 1U rackmount systems are being shipped with an optimized version of Red Hat Linux 6.0. They are loaded with all the software necessary for web, mail and file serving. Red Hat Secure Web Server software can be added if a company wishes to encrypt credit card transactions.

The Penguin 100 supports up to 768 Megabytes of RAM, three 10/100 ethernet ports, a 433 MHz processor, and a 20 GB harddrive. Despite the computer's small size, it can accommodate a CD-ROM drive and a 120-Megabyte super floppy. “The 1U rackmount Penguin system is highly energy efficient and provides an impressive amount of computing power in a really small space. Its modular design also gives you a keyboard connection in both the front and back of the system,” adds Ockman.

Penguin Computing builds reliable computer systems engineered for the Linux operating system. All Penguin systems are built to order by Penguin’s in-house Linux experts. The company offers the industry's largest selection of customizations and components. Penguin’s component vendors include top manufacturers like Intel (NYSE: INTC), Sony (NYSE: SNE) and Quantum (NASDAQ: QNTM).

The company also sells and supports accompanying software from well-known names like Red Hat, Oracle, BRU, and Applixware, and offers superior technical support from on-staff engineers. All systems can be configured and purchased online through Penguin’s extensive e-commerce site. Penguin serves cutting edge media and e-commerce companies like (Nasdaq: AMZN), Excite (Nasdaq: XCIT), E-Book Systems, Viacom,, Sony, and Paramount Digital Pictures.

Penguin Computing can be reached at 1-888-PENGUIN, or

For media information: Andrew David Kaufman/Adam Lempert – Penguin Computing 415-243-8100.