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List:       linux-video
Subject:    DVD for Linux is there - just has to be built.
From:       Andreas Bogk <ich () andreas ! org>
Date:       1999-06-03 14:30:23


As some of you know, we have been working on a Linux driver for a DVD
decoder card based on the LSI 64021 chip. That driver is now in a
state where it delivers a clean picture. Due to the nature of the
decoder (all-in-one hardware solution), the CSS decryption happens
inside the chip, so release of the driver source code would not be a

The real problem is that the board we have is a prototype, and there
is no manufacturer yet. Since there are enough DVD decoder solutions
for Windows out there, it wouldn't make economical sense to produce
such a PCI board unless the Linux market would be big enough. 

So if you happen to be able to finance, produce and distribute PCI
boards, we would be happy to talk to you. You can also help us by
going to, and participate in the poll there - I
hope that the number of participants will convince investors that
there is a big enough Linux market.


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