NBC and TiVO strike strategic partnership with equity deal

NBC Leads Broadcast Networks in Support of TiVo's Personal Television Service

NEW YORK, NY/SUNNYVALE, CA - June 9, 1999 - NBC and TiVo Inc., the creator of personal television, today announced a strategic partnership and an equity investment by NBC, the world's leading television network. NBC's investment in TiVo signals its continued commitment to leading the convergence of television and interactivity and further validates TiVo's approach to personal television innovation. NBC is the first broadcast partner to invest in TiVo's personal television model and joins TiVo's growing group of highly respected equity investment partners including Philips Electronics, DIRECTV, Showtime Networks, Allegro Capital, Institutional Venture Partners, New Enterprise Associates, and Vulcan Ventures. Terms of the investment will not be disclosed at this time.

TiVo's personal TV service enables the viewer to record up to 30 hours of programming, creating a virtual library of shows and makes NBC programming more accessible to viewers. As television converges into a more interactive medium, viewers will be able to personalize their NBC viewing experience by watching NBC programming when it fits their schedule, which TiVo refers to as 'primetime-anytime'. TiVo's state-of-the-art personal TV service will ensure that programming is delivered to viewers according to their preferences. Additionally, through TiVo's network showcases, NBC will further enrich the television viewing experience by developing new programming enhancements - such as highly-targeted promotional video - and delivering them to viewers who record NBC shows.

Using TiVo's patented service, viewers can choose to watch what they want, when they want, on demand. The TiVo service enables viewers to pause, rewind, and create slow-motion effects from live television programming. TiVo's intelligent "thumbs up, thumbs down" rating system offers a diverse selection of new programming suggestions the individual viewer will enjoy, but may not previously have known were available. This rating system ensures that the receiver is always full of the best programs available on television that are of interest to the viewer.

"NBC has continued to lead in the next generation of television - Internet Enhanced TV, Digital TV, and now personal TV - which is what TiVo is all about. TiVo has established an innovative approach to digital recording in a way which maintains the integrity of our advertising model," said Tom Rogers, President, NBC Cable and Executive Vice President, NBC. "There are so many TV options today-TiVo is about organizing choice and empowering the viewer in a way that creates a constantly changing personal video library that will most benefit first-run programming like NBC by increasing the viewership of programs."

"The NBC investment is a tremendous validation, not only to this category, but to TiVo's vision of creating a better way to watch television," said Mike Ramsay, president and chief executive officer, TiVo. "As TiVo redefines the way the world watches television with our cutting-edge technology and personalized service offerings, NBC will be able to use this new platform to deliver a better viewing experience."

About NBC
NBC is a global media company with broadly diverse holdings. NBC owns and operates the NBC Television Network as well as thirteen television stations. In the United States, NBC owns CNBC, operates MSNBC in partnership with Microsoft, and maintains equity interests in Arts & Entertainment and The History Channel. NBC also has an equity stake in Rainbow Programming Holdings, a leading media company with a wide array of entertainment and sports cable channels, including the Madison Square Garden network. Internationally, NBC owns and operates CNBC: A Service of NBC and Dow Jones in partnership with Dow Jones & Company in Europe and Asia. In partnership with National Geographic and Fox/BSkyB, the network owns and operates the National Geographic Channel in Europe and Asia.

The leader among traditional media companies in Internet and new media businesses, NBC holds equity stakes in CNET, Talk City, iVillage, Telescan, ValueVision International and 24/7 Media. Several of NBC's Internet assets are slated to be merged with Snap.com, the fastest-growing Internet portal, and XOOM.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: XMCM), the fastest-growing community-based site on the Web and a leading direct e-commerce services company, to form the seventh-largest Internet site and the first publicly traded Internet company integrated with a major broadcaster. The new company, to be called NBC Internet (NBCi), will use Snap.com as its umbrella consumer brand, integrating broadcast, portal, and e-commerce services. With Microsoft, NBC owns and operates MSNBC, a 24-hour cable news network and Internet news service at www.msnbc.com. Also, together with Microsoft and Dow Jones, NBC operates CNBC/Dow Jones Business Video, offering video- and audio-based financial news and information to financial professionals and institutions. Other new media innovations from NBC include interactive television initiatives with Microsoft WebTV for Windows and WebTV Plus, TiVo, Wink-enhanced programming with Wink Communications, NBC Intercast with Intel, electronic program guides with Gemstar and on-demand video services with Intertainer.

About TiVo
TiVo, headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., is the originator of personal television. The TiVo service allows consumers to take control of their television viewing by allowing them to watch what they want, when they want. TiVo enables consumers to pause, rewind, instant replay and playback in slow-motion any live television broadcast. As part of TiVo's easy-to-use service and patented consumer electronics technology, viewers can time-shift their favorite television shows and create a customized television lineup for viewing at anytime. The company was founded in August 1997 by former Silicon Graphics senior vice president Michael Ramsay and vice president James Barton, both of whom have been instrumental in earlier generation efforts of interactive video-on-demand systems and Hollywood special-effects technology. TiVo's board of directors includes Stewart Alsop of New Enterprise Associates, Geoff Yang of Institutional Venture Partners and WebTV founding director Randy Komisar. TiVo can be reached on the World Wide Web at www.tivo.com or by calling 1-877-FOR-TIVO (1-877-367-8486).