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This is a site to coordinate the effort to bring DVD support to Linux. We hope to get Linux DVD-Video playback working with software and hardware decoding. Several groups are working on this project and this web page will hopefully serve as a shared medium to encourage teamwork.


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There is plenty of good material on the mailing list. Browse the archives for discussion of various products, ideas, legal issues and so on. Please join the list and contribute your own concerns and ideas.

The resources section has links to sites with actual content, specs, code, projects, products, etc.

Mailing Lists

(As of 19990721 there is some crossposting on these lists. The situation is being worked on.)


This is by no means a complete list of resources. Many of these sites link to other great sites not listed here. Send additional links or modifications to Dave [ ].

Future Services


DVD support does involve many legal issues regarding trademarks, copyrights, intellectual property, and so on. Please read the disclaimer [ ] for the content on this site.


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