Andrea Arcangeli

I was born in Imola, Italy on Saturday 5 June 1976.

I live in Imola, Italy.

My e-mail is:

Take my public PgP key [ ] if you need Pretty Good Privacy.

FYI, Andrea in Italy is a male name (I am tired to be mistaken for a female ;-).

When I was 19 I taken the ITIS Elettronica AMBRA (Statal Italian Technical Institute of Electronics [should be equivalent to the American high schools]) diploma (vote 60/60). ITIS at Imola was really really really high tech.

I am a freelance programmer and I work for SuSE [ ]. My main task is Linux Kernel developement. I am also subscribed to the Computer Science Bologna University.

Usually in the evening I enjoy myself with my girl Monica or I go to drink a beer with my old good friends.

I listein a lot of music (I have not more time to play my guitar...). BTW, I really love Dream Theater and Angra and in general all progressive, classical (J.S. Bach) and heavy metal music.

Here it is two my photos.

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