LiViD Project

Linux Video and DVD Project

This is the new home for what was and for those of you that knew the site.

I have been busy helping out with lobbying for the glx [ ] project and getting things setup for this site.

The goal is to bring support for video capture, tv out and dvd playback to Linux. The primary focus will be with Matrox products, but as the project grows, so will the supported hardware. The Marvel, Rainbow Runner, TV Tuner and DVD module are all prime targets.

First order of business will be the DVD support, because we have docs and its the coolest. Also on this site, there is very pre-alpha work being done for the MJPEG encoder found on the Matrox Marvel and Rainbow Runner. Its in cvs, module mgavideo. It is the same chipset found on the LM33 module [ ], so a lot of the driver can be reused.

I need lots of help. If you want to contribute, please contact me [ ].

Join the mailing list! In order to gain access to G200 docs, you need to register [ ] with Matrox and get a password. You will need these to help figure out the Matrox Media bus.

The CSS disc unlocking code is in cvs. This code is UNTESTED. I have a SCSI DVD-ROM drive, so the ioctrl patches won't work for it. Also, I can't find the site with the dvd-ioctrl patches. I need someone with an IDE DVD-ROM and the dvd-ioctrl patches to test this.

UPDATE: I have the UDF (DVD File system) [ ] and dvd-ioctrl [ ] patches now. Still needs to work with SCSI and be tested with the css code. They are reported to work straight out of the box with 2.2.10.

For bash: export Type 'cvs login' (Press enter for password), then 'cvs -z3 co -P css (or mgavideo)'

CSS disc unlocking code [ ]. Released under the GPL [ ].

These are the docs for the Zoran 37610 [ ] chipset. They were acquired legally, so don't panic. This chipset is found on the DVD Upgrade Card [ ] and a stand alone PCI adapter.

Part 1 of Zoran docs [ ]

Part 2 of Zoran docs [ ]


V4L2 [ ] - Video 4 Linux 2 API

XawTV [ ] - Cool TV application

MGA4Linux [ ] - MGA 4 Linux project (going to merge with livid)

Matthew R. Pavlovich [ ]

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