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From aholtzma@ess4.engr.UVic.CA Wed, 15 Sep 1999 22:02:21 -0700
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 22:02:21 -0700
From: Aaron Holtzman aholtzma@ess4.engr.UVic.CA
Subject: [LinuxDVD] ac3dec-0.5.5 is out

Yes it finally happened.

Go get it.

>From the Changelog:

ac3dec-0.5.5 Wed Aug 25 15:36:44 EDT 1999
-Fixed a cut and paste bug (argh!) in parse.c which potentially
screwed up delta bit allocation info.
-Martin Mueller <> informed me that I was missing
some corrections from the AC-3 errata document. It turns out that
I used an earlier version of the errata when I initially wrote ac3dec.
Fortunately the errata fix the outstanding bugs that I was pulling
my hair out on for a long time. Woohoo! Thanks Martin. Kudos to Dolby
Labs for keeping their documentation up to date as well.
-stereo downmixing (downmix.c) is now in. Matrix encoded surround
(Dolby Prologic Surround) should work too. Thanks to Yuqing Deng for
the initial downmix support.
-clipping due to high level signals has been fixed. We normalize a
block of samples by its maximum absolute value if the max exceeds
the %100 digital level. This shouldn't be a problem, but for some
reason some channels have a dynamic range that exceeds [-1.0,1.0].
I blame the encoder :)
-Multiple track support in extract_ac3. Simply just give it the track
number you want [1,8] after the filename.


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