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List:       linux-video
Subject:    V4L2 cleanup, changes
From:       Bill Dirks <dirks () rendition ! com>
Date:       1999-09-16 2:45:39

I am in the process of cleaning up the V4L2 API a bit. I decided to take
the risk of annoying everybody, and made some non-backward compatible

For the convenience of all the developers out there, I wrote a document
to describe the changes, and to act as a checklist for updating code.
Feedback welcome of course. It's not written in stone.

Short summary:

- Trimmed 8 ioctl codes from the specs, while at the same time making
the API more extensible.

- Simplified the Control enumeration.

- Changed the timestamp fields to 64-bit integers from struct timevals.
Simpler to deal with.

- All ioctl calls will take a pointer argument.

I have updated videodev and the sample code on my system and it's
working. Still working on updating the spec documents. None of this has
hit the V4L2 website. Consider this note a preview/request for comment.


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