About xawtv

Gerd Knorr <kraxel@goldbach.in-berlin.de>

xawtv started as TV application for the bttv driver [ http://www.thp.uni-koeln.de/~rjkm/linux/bttv.html ], because the Motif-based "xtvscreen" was the only TV application at this time.

A lot has changed since. The bttv driver switched over to the new video4linux [ http://roadrunner.swansea.uk.linux.org/v4l.shtml ] interface. xawtv isn't a single application any more, it is a small suite of video4linux related software.

It often happens that you don't get it right the first time. This is true for video4linux too. Bill Dirks works on the second version [ http://millennium.diads.com/bdirks/v4l2.htm ] of the video4linux interface.


Latest version is 2.46, released 6 Jun 1999.

Available here:

What exactly is in the package...

For TV/video

xawtv, fbtv and set-tv share the same config file.

Tools for videotext available too. A simple vtx-to-ascii/html converter (build the quick&dirty way using the videoteXt sources) and a wrapper cgi script for it. Not tested very well. Better try alevt [ http://user.exit.de/froese/ ] instead.

The video4linux driver for vic [ http://www-nrg.ee.lbl.gov/vic/ ] is no longer included in the xawtv tar file.
My old patch is still in the download directory [ http://www.in-berlin.de/User/kraxel/v4l/ ], but you probably want to check out the new and improved version [ http://www.in-berlin.de/User/kraxel/v4l/vic.diff-jj.gz ] of the vic patches from Juan J. Sierralta P. [ juanjo@atmlab.utfsm.cl ].

Known-to-work Hardware

old video4linux interface:

video4linux two interface:

List incomplete? Drop me a note [ kraxel@goldbach.in-berlin.de ].


There is a nice i2c package [ http://www.tk.uni-linz.ac.at/~simon/private/i2c/ ], written by Simon Vogl. It is available as kernel patch now and hopefully gets included into the standard kernel soon.

I've ported to bttv driver to the new i2c layer some time ago. You can download it here [ http://www.in-berlin.de/User/kraxel/v4l/bttv-i2c.tar.gz ].

Old stuff

Some time ago I started a tcl/tk-based application for video capture/playback. I stopped maintaining it. Here you find the latest snapshot [ http://www.in-berlin.de/User/kraxel/v4l/grab-980420.tar.gz ] (20 Apr 1998). Probably does'nt work out-of-the-box with current bttv versions, therefore it is only useful for hackers...

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