Lineo Releases Embedded Linux Road Map

Linux-Based Embedded Development Platform, Operating System and Micro Browser To Offer OEM's Source-Level Access and Broad Networking/Internet Capabilities

LINDON, Utah, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Lineo(TM), Inc. today released a road map for the Linux technologies and products it is pioneering for the embedded market. Lineo, a subsidiary of Caldera, Inc., projects it will be first to market with a broad collection of embedded Linux(R) software development tools, technologies and products. At the Embedded Systems Conference, to be held this week in San Jose, Lineo will be demonstrating betas and shipping versions of the products described in the road map. Support for the x86 processor, due first quarter 2000, will be followed by support for MIPS and StrongARM processors.

"The Lineo road map outlines how we believe we will maintain the leadership position in providing OEMs with solid, comprehensive Linux-based embedded technologies and products," said Bryan Sparks, CEO of Lineo, Inc. "Earlier this year, we unified our long-term Linux expertise and our embedded market experience. We've been energetically working with our partners and customers to produce these solutions."

Lineo's initial Linux-based embedded solutions include:

To create a version of Linux useful to embedded OEMs, Lineo is developing a unique distribution of Linux specifically targeted at embedded devices. This development includes reengineering existing Linux packages to take advantage of reduced memory, storage and processor speeds common in embedded devices, as well as developing new Linux packages for the embedded environment, including non-X-based graphical APIs and extensions for placing Linux in FLASH RAM. Embedix also introduces a new level of identical reproducibility to customized embedded solutions. Because of its open source Linux base, Embedix can be identically reproduced months or years later, facilitating the potential need of OEMs to exactly recreate an embedded Linux solution long after initial deployment for purposes of minor enhancements or application fixes. The open source model of Linux also provides OEM developers with greater ease and freedom in quickly creating customized embedded solutions. The Embedix platform consists of:

To leverage the heightened interest in Linux software development, Lineo is creating an Independent Software Vendor program to provide OEMs with access to 3rd-party applications and development components. These include embedded databases, network management software, graphical API sets and Java components.

In addition to Lineo's embedded operating system platform, Lineo has developed Embrowser, a customizable, high-performance micro Web browser for embedded devices like Internet set-tops, hand-held devices, interactive kiosks and point-of-sale systems. Lineo's business model does not force specific hardware platforms or Lineo-centric branding and content onto OEMs' Internet set-top devices. Embrowser is currently based on DR DOS. A port of Embrowser for Embedix will add the comprehensive Internet capabilities inherent with Linux-based solutions, including the latest communications and security protocols.

In addition to Lineo's embedded Linux technology, Lineo will continue to sell and provide support for embedded DR DOS to OEMs seeking to leverage the broad set of existing drivers, development tools and engineering knowledge base associated with DOS. DR DOS is an ideal embedded DOS system, designed for straight forward out-of-the-box implementation into ROM or Flash ROM.


DR DOS and the DR DOS version of Embrowser are available immediately. Embedix, Embedix SDK and the Embedix version of Embrowser are scheduled to ship during first quarter 2000. OEMs should directly contact Lineo for OEM pricing and support options, which follow traditional OEM models. Lineo's Linux and DOS operating system bases enable Lineo to be very competitive in pricing compared to other embedded software companies.

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Lineo(TM), Inc. (formerly known as Caldera Thin Clients, Inc.) develops, markets and sells embedded operating systems and applications that provide consumers with simple, low-cost software for interacting with the Internet via embedded devices. Lineo's products include Embedix(TM) (embedded Linux OS), Embrowser(TM) (embedded web browser), DR DOS(R) (component-based embedded OS) and other technologies designed to improve connectivity while reducing system requirements and per-unit costs. Contact Lineo, Inc. at, via email "" or telephone (801) 426-5001. Caldera, Inc., the parent company of Lineo, Inc., was founded by Bryan Sparks in October 1994 as a start-up venture funded by The Canopy Group - the family trust of Raymond J. Noorda, former Chairman and CEO of Novell(R), Inc.

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