Penguin Computing Unveils its Fifth-Generation Low-Profile Rackmount Server for Red Hat Linux

San Francisco, CA--November 8, 1999--Penguin Computing, Inc., the leading provider of ultra-reliable Linux-based servers and workstations, is introducing the most advanced 2U rackmount server yet available for Linux.

Dubbed the Blackfoot 2500, this state-of-the-art machine can support dual Intel Pentium III processors, up to 2 gigabytes of ECC RAM, and 186 gigabytes of SCSI-3 hot-swappable storage driven by a high-performance RAID controller. All in a 3.5-inch high toolless case that will protect its contents from a 24-inch freefall.

Additional options include up to five 100Mb/sec Ethernet ports or a Gigabit Ethernet port by Alteon (Nasdaq: ATON), and tape backup solutions like the advanced VXA tape drive from Ecrix.

This is Penguin Computing's fifth generation 2U rackmount. The system can now house five hot-swappable hard drives. Should a hard drive ever fail, just pull it out and replace it with a new one.

The previous model was an overnight success, and is now the backbone of many e-commerce companies throughout the world. Penguin Computing originally underestimated the demand for the previous model. David Nelson of Penguin Computing said "we originally underestimated the demand for the previous model, but this time we have prepared for what we expect to be an incredibly large demand for these systems."

The Blackfoot 2500 is ideal for computationally intensive and mission-critical applications from CGI scripting for e-commerce to real-time scientific data processing.