Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 18:23:45 -0500 (EST)
From: Stea Greene <>
To: ATI-Team Mailing List <>,
     ATI Mailing List <>
Subject: [gatos] gatos-0.0.5 Released!

	For those who are not planning to read the rest of the message
anyway, know this:

	-Once you've tried it, send a success/failure report (see below).
	-It is use-at-your-own-risk and the web page is lame.
	-It is at "".

	Note: A lot of people helped with this, and there are too many
to thank, but I'd especially like to thank Daniel Caujolle-Bert for all
his help.  He seems to have plenty of the one thing none of the rest of us
have - time - and he was more than willing to give it to this project.
	If you think we've used some of your code and you are not listed
in the CREDITS file, please e-mail me with details.


	GATOS is far from perfect, so Everyone (even if you send one for a
		previous version), please send us a success/failure
		report. To do so, send an e-mail to:
	Insomnia (Stea Greene) <>

	with a subject line of:
	GATOS SUCCESS: <card type/brief machine description>
	GATOS FAILURE: <card type/brief machine description>

	Then in the main body of the message:
	 -Specify what version of GATOS and what version of IBTK you are
		using, as well as what card and machine type you are using
		in detail.
	 -describe any misbehaviors or missing features as well as any
		suggestions you may have to improve it.
	 -Include a dump of "xatitv -v" (either as a MIME attachment or
		right in the message).
	 -If you find a definite bug, or if it won't configure or compile,
		submit a bug report as well (see file BUGS in the gatos

	When an issue is fixed or if the report is not understood, you
		will get a reply, so make sure your message is properly


	Though still technically an internal release, this now only means
it is not stable at all and you should use it at your own risk.  It is
publicly available to all, and announced publicly on many sites.


	For those interested in more detail, here are some of the cooler
and most notable new features and changes of GATOS 0.0.5 (and it's
included apps):

	-Works on all known Rage II, Rage Pro, and Rage128 cards.  Some
	 with less success than others (notable the Rage128s have many

	-Added GNU autoconf support.

	-Added gatos-conf GUI configuration utility.

	-Automatically run gatos-conf in xatitv if gatos.conf is not

	-Moved default gatos.conf location to /etc.

	-Correctly ignore most inputs in DGA fullscreen mode.

	-Added -s (capture size) option to atitv.

	-Snapshots from atitv and xatitv are now directly to ppm files.

	-Many other GUI enhancements and user features in xatitv.

	-Added standard channel frequency support.

	-Fixed "spilled AX" error with gcc 2.95 and newer.

	-Added nls support.  Currently only English and French.

	-Autodetection of Video RAM, value in gatos.conf ignored.

	-Added delay to atitv's "snap" command to fix frame tearing.

	-Corrected TV/FM Audio Mixup BUG.

	-Corrected Rage PRO MPP/ImpacTV I2C driver init BUG.

	-Fixed doublescan mode error and some cropping/panning problems.

	-Fixed "double verticle size with only have visible" BUG.

	-Made "always on top" wars less intense.

	-Back up .gatosrc to .gatosrc.old when overwriting.

	There are many more features that are too plentiful to list, try
it and let us know what you think!.

					--Insomnia (Stea Greene)