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From: Mario Vanoni <>
Subject: SMP: 2.2.14aa1: COMPLIMENTS !!!
Date: 2000/01/15
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SMP 2xPIII550 512MB memory, 2.2.14aa1-smp.
Running 24/7 _TWO_ setiathome _NOT_ nice
at the same time.

Best times, best kernel, unloaded machine,
mostly <510 minutes each seti,
very balanced among each other,
2.2.13 was <540 minutes, but ...

UP PII450 512MB memory at job, 2.2.7,
runnig 24/7, _ONE_ setiathome -nice 19:

mostly <480 minutes for each seti,
if machine unloaded (13 users possible).

After 7 days 2.2.14aa1-smp & seti non-stop.

Compliments to Andrea Arcangeli for the
SMP scheduler, the best actual solution.

Mario Vanoni

PS  Running setiathome's since May, 1999.

PS2 Not in mailing list, if questions CC!

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