LSDVD Team at Linux World Expo

By Paul Volcko [ ]

January 25, 2000

Three people from the LSDVD development team will be attending Linux World Expo in New York City, Feb 2-4. We're working to bring at least an alpha version of the software to the show with us for possible demonstation. It will not be feature complete, but some basic functionality should be in place. We'll be helping out at the LIVID booth, as well as trying to arrange a "Birds of a Feather" session (in conjunction with Matthew Pavlovich from the LIVID team). The specific topic(s) of the session haven't been determined yet, but will, of course, center around DVD playback on Linux. If you have any ideas for topics please send us some feedback.

02:33pm EDT

Post LWE Report

By Paul Volcko [ ]

February 5, 2000

Well, we're back from Linux World Expo. We had a great time and would like to thank the Livid guys (Matthew Pavlovich, Sean Lynch, Aaron Holtman, and James Pavlovich specifically) for their hospitality and for letting us help represent them at the show at the Livid booth. We'd also like to mention Sigma Designs who had two reps at the show, Marshall Goldberg and Emmanuel Michon (I hope I got that right). They were there demoing the new Netstream 2000 card working under linux (although with only minimal support). We look forward to working with Sigma Designs and integrating the Netstream 2000 support into our application. What about LSDVD you say? We made a lot of business contacts and will be pursuing them very soon to see about getting LSDVD on a more stable financial path. We also talked to some prominent people in the Linux arena, glening some very interesting information in the process. This is a very exciting time to be involved with DVD playback under Linux (or for that matter, DVD anything) and we hope to have some good news to post here soon.

02:04pm EDT

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