LSDVD - DVD for the Next Generation

LSDVD is a project to bring a fully functional DVD player/decoder to the Linux operating system. This project has many goals and several milestones we wish to hit over the coming months. For now this section will serve as a general overview for our project and a rough estimate of our timeline. As pieces of the project become stable more information will be posted here.

     Solid and stable.
     Fast decoding (MPEG-2 and AC-3) on a minimum of hardware
     An easy and obvious user interface as well as a solid and functional programmer interface
     Clean, modular code

Development and Release Plans [ ]:
     Phase 1 [ ]
     Phase 2 [ ]
     Overall Design [ ]
     Implementation Detals [ ]
     Licensing Issues [ ]

Graphical User Interface:
     Main GUI
     Dockable GUI

Application Program Interface:
     Navigation API
     Decoder API

     Frame Mixing/Output

Behind the scenes

Gad Berger
working on: VOB handling, project owner
codes to: Sarah McLachlan & other female singers
beverage: Nantucket Nectars || other non-carbonated consumables
sports: Ice hockey / roller hockey, soccer
favorite hairstyle: Anything low maintenance
favorite movies: A Bug's Life, Seven, Can't Hardly Wait, La Jetta, The Wall
favorite linux app: Pine and Netscape
linux distribution: Debian
quote: "Success is 1% inspiration and 99% persperation" -- Thomas Alva Edison
Dave Klint
working on: MPEG Codec, VOB Handling
codes to: DREAM THEATHER!!!
beverage: Orangina (yum)
sports: Ha! Sports!
favorite hairstyle: Ha! Style!
favorite movies: Goodfellas, Casino, anything with Pacino in it
favorite program: main(O){O!=107&&main(putchar((O<97?3:((O=(O-
favorite linux app: vi(1)
linux distribution: Debian v?.?
quote: "Dude, I _AM_ the internet." -- cool guy
Paul Volcko
working on: IFO parsing, Software design
codes to: The dull buzz of a power box breaker on the virge of tripping
beverage: Coke (classic)
sports: Skiing, snowmobiling, extreme-rush-hour-traffic through reduced-lane-construction-zone driving
favorite movies: Silence of the Lambs, 2001, Star Wars (IV), The Matrix, The Truman Show
favorite bands: Dream Theater, Queensryche, Barenaked Ladies, Dave Matthews Band, Alice in Chains, Rush
favorite linux app: Pine
favorite desktop: Window Maker
linux distribution: :) Slackware
Ben Meyer
working on: GUI, top video layer
codes to: Euro, alt
beverage: There's more out there than Mountain Dew?
sports: Gymnastics, Floor Hockey
favorite hairstyle: Not what I look like in the morning :)
favorite movies: Heat, 1995 Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet
favorite linux app: E
linux distribution: Mandrake
quote: "To relieve the suffering that my hands endear would be a welcome endearment in challenge to the anguish that besets me day upon day." -- Richard in Mannerophs "A Fool"


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Software Codecs/Decoders:
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